RT @Lwsboss9: Nah do uno what girls excuses for cheating are poor uno "I was in a bad place" LOOOL listen Syria is a bad place not your dads yard
RT @garethbayley: .@UN notes #Assad regime holding up 40 truckloads of aid for besieged opposition areas. Pressure needed to #letaidin. #Syria
RT @maytham956: From Le Meridian Hotel in #Aleppo #Syria this morning..
صباح الخير عشاق نسور قاسيوووون 󾁁 ❤ . Fahad
RT @Ian56789: Russian troops take up positions outside of Aleppo, Jihadis given ultimatum to leave #Syria
Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal - UNICEF Australia … … …
Activist: Aid could enter rebel-held parts of Syria's Aleppo (from @AP)
RT @LuvThemAnimals: In Syria's Aleppo, 'Happy' the monkey is zoo's last resident via @MailOnline
@_Four_Horsemen @paulclark42GB @Slate Hawkish argument Cheney,Wolfowitz,Perle urged. Their plan was iraq,iran,syria. Would need the draft.
RT @Pray4Souri: Ceasefire negotiated by those who are funding the rebels/terrorists invading #Syria. Ceasefire broken by rebels/terrorists. 🇸🇾
#SaveSyria #SOSSyria projects, your helps by the sides of our brothers and sisters in #Syria :)
#The Latest: Russia says Assad's future is Syria's business #jobs # #WatsApp: #The Latest on developments in ...
RT @WorldPTV: At least 23 civilians including nine children killed and several injured in air strikes on a town in Eastern #Syria
#The Latest: Russia says Assad's future is Syria's business #jobs # #Albania: #The Latest on developments in ...
RT @Gjon777: Joe Jamison, US Peace Council. "Syrian gov is popular & for that reason are winning the war" #Syria 09/082016
RT @Conflicts: BREAKING: Fierce shelling, clashes east of Syria capital - AFP
RT @ahmadalissa: #Syria #Alepp: Militants target #Syriac catholic cathedral in #Aziziyah NBHD with a rocket: Material damage only
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RT @TheInsideSourc: #Syria // #Damascus // Ahrar Al Sham launched an assault on Jobar which resulted in SAA retaliation through air strikes and artillery.
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US defends bluffing agreement on Syria- Obama backs plan -
Political science research: even failed ceasefires change how war participants weigh benefits of fighting v. talking