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RT @adolfhitler_son: @IsraeliBeauties do you believe the Jews control the world and they want to destroy Europe and kill all whites through immigration
#LilWayne has whites @ his shows & thinks ALL whites not racist. Bruh, I'm white & *I* know it exists! #BuyAClue #Woke
Idk or care lol the all Whites gunna be🔥
gotta stay with a pair of all whites✔️
@KaiserNerion all whites are born racist and I hate them
@FreakyP88 Database and of Federal Crime Statistics reveals that fully twelve percent of all whites and Hispanics who die of homicide are
@LetMicahDown I'm of the camp that all whites are racist so
@qgaines45 @rozay_z we not. And she like I said I'm not referring to all whites because there are plenty of whites who actually want
@HisAndHers why all the white this white that white ,white,white. Ever heard of reverse discrimination. IT DOES EXIST. NOT ALL WHITES R BAD
RT @OzerKhalid: All blacks aren't thugs Muslims aren't terrorists All whites aren't racist Labels are for clothes Not people #Dallas
Fuck these diamonds tho. I'm finna go back to my all whites...
@HistoryofMatt god they’re awful. And I hate nothing more than all whites and they did MORE this year (understandably) for color blind
Wait...WHAT???!!! David Duke Says Hillary Clinton Wants Black Men To Kidnap You From Walmart, Genocide All Whites.
All whites .. But , I think Pumas finna be 😻😌 .
@zionismisterror @ABC but that wasnt a racist your entire race hypocrites like u?sick of morons sayin all whites r racist. Slug
@Moldy78 ISU should wear white at home... Rotate cardinal-white-cardinal and the all whites, occasional cardinal-white-gold
@Rock101Pregame @gunsupnation good I don't like the all whites @ home
@samanthasavagee I'm speaking facts about racism and inequality in the US. Not all whites are racist but they are the biggest oppressors
RT @TylerCawthon98: All guys are the same. All cops are pigs. All blacks are dangerous. All whites are racist. Same stuff, different day and nothing's changing.
@RZ_BuffaloBills are rocking their all whites, we rocking our all blacks! #DietColorRush
Every Hillary Clinton or her campaign staff rally is about hate America hate trump hate the police and all whites are racist rally ????