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I'm very much like Monica when traveling but also similar to Joey "LONDON BABY"
London Keyes schiebe deinen Schwanz in meinen Arsch, wenn Sie bitte
RT @TheBucktList: London is even prettier at night 😍
#France Wishes to Move the City of London to Paris But well dream on
RT @NetworksManager: Le Pen: I Will Quit Office if French Reject Eurozone Exit That's what honorable politicians do, Paul Ryan is a snake
After the London terror attack, a top U.K. official says Facebook needs to open up WhatsApp - Recode
RT @bemky: #blockchain subscribe to my new channel and see my reaction to the new market
♥❦ PRINCESS DIANA *50th Birthday* U.S. $2 Bill & Gold JFK Coin w/COLLECTI...
RT @paulsperry_: AQAP urges jihadists to weld steel blades on bumpers before plowing vehicles into crowds to“achieve maximum carnage”
RT @Ripple: Shared state and governance are #blockchain's biggest challenges. That's why we believe in interoperability & ILP.
RT @NiallSpanish: Ash London LIVE aseguró que Harry Styles será el siguiente Justin Timberlake después de ver su comercial como solis…
RT @Howie_B_Real_1: We love @KTHopkins: London is Obama on steroids. 😂😂😂😂 ROFLMFAO I agree 100 % WTG LIBTURDS #TuckerCarlsonTonight #Tucker
RT @6LACK: London was mad 🎈🇬🇧🎈
RT @WinningCoaches: “It’s one thing to have talent. But it’s another thing to have talent and work ethic and preparation.” (London Fletcher)
RT @portalstylinson: Niall: Eu e o Louis fomos no London Eye um dia! Harry:
RT @seterahdeh: iphone 7 128GB belinya di london tapi pas masuk cafe "mas, pasword wifinya apa ya?" JAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH
RT @PhilstarNews: Filipino beauty brand wins big in Paris, London @PhilstarBeauty
Had a refreshing bottle on the drive to London #lovedit
♥✔ k Jones New York Black Pinstriped Stretch Suiting Maxi Shirt Dress 8 M...
RT @TheBucktList: London is even prettier at night 😍