My cat says “Merry Christmas,” my fan says...
I am disappointed that the 18th doesn’t have anything...
@alittler no it means I'm conscious of what/how I consume. Fear News = big macs. Tasty and terrible. I'll eventually know in a safer setting
You "protect" yourself from the media, @hak5darren? Doesn't that just mean that you are incredibly ignorant?
@alittler That's quite the convo you both had going on! Thanks for sharing, Andrew. Enjoy your Friday!
This Chromecast fireplace is my final Christmas decoration.
My favorite person in the world right now is a Zappos Live Help...
@DRMCreationClub why the fuck would anyone do that?
@DRMCreationClub it would seem even more reasonable, then, for you find out what you are talking about.Entropy is negated by our sun.
To prove my skeptic prowess, @SYSKPodcast, Sagan's definition of atheism was technically incorrect: it is no belief, not belief of nothing.
Jesus Christ, @SamHarrisOrg does not speak of what is wrong with the Left, he is what is wrong with the Left.