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@BestFansStLouis That's.....not how this works. That's not how any of this works.
@ryenarussillo do you think Morris at Iowa St has a chance to stick in the league? Is he the Alex Smith of college basketball? No TO.
@gamscout like when kap TOOK alex smith JOB yr2(after injury) even though alex was winning
@rochaser1967 cardinals would be a terrible fit. He's basically Alex Smith so Chiefs would be good
@ChadParsonsNFL super flex ppr - Give Cooks and Paxton for Landry and Alex smith ? I have dak and Winston as my other qbs (14 team)
"Banter is competitive wit" - Alex Smith
I think Brian Hoyer is better than Alex Smith. Put Alex Smith on the 49ers right now and we are worse. Brian Hoyer gives us a better chance.
@TrenDiesel @PFF Hoyer is the #49ers starter for 2017. He puts up numbers comparable to Alex Smith.
@alex__smith Glad to hear the return process went smoothly Alex, we'll pass this feedback on to the Wellington store manager 👍
@KFoleyFL I'll have the same but can i sub the lettuce with bacon?
RT @JonHeyman: lovely. grossly overpaid blowhard blames talented, unpaid, stand-up student athlete.
@thatguysteve16 @RaiderFanTweets @ChrisHansenNFL maybe 4 wins with say...Alex Smith. He won 12 in KC. Oswieler? 3 wins? Won 10 in Hou.
Take my advice Jets if you want the Superbowl signed Alex Smith signed Victor Cruz I'm telling you as a fan the Jets will be dangerous.
And I also say Alex Smith will be a hell of a quarterback with the Jets Victor Cruz number 11 wide receiver Azusa Bilal Powell.
Nick Foles just called Alex Smith one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL LMFAOOOO
Is that a notification before or after it ends up DoS'ing things? #InternetOfShittyThings #IoT
@kent_swanson true but andy will never get rid of alex smith. He wants to be the guy that takes him to sb.
RT @SullyFootball: "We are committed to Alex Smith as our starter in 2017"
@oakland43 @ZachBrown_55 hahaha Carr is a lame ass Excuse Alex Smith went down and Colin Kaepernick lead us to the Super Bowl
E o argumento usado foi. O Brady é mt bom e o Alex Smith não é...
@ryaneatscake @FourVerts you say this once a year. Same as me saying I'll be more respectful or Sully buying into alex smith
RT @ArtActivistNia: Don't miss @burnlittlelight, @joyce_hatton, Princess Jasmine, Alex Smith and I at @AmalgamPhilly on April 20th!…
Russ pass better than Alex Smith