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Alex searched & found 4 Variable Mortgage Rates for £100,000 over 25 years:
RT @KinkyLuthor: Sanvers is boring and Alex and Maggie have the same personality? But you ship karamel when they dead ass look like…
RT @Dolansleepy: The twins unfollowed alex and alex unfollowed gray.. New friend got dropped wow
I can't wait for the next few years. I have a lot of people to prove wrong.
Hate when people tell me what to do. When you've gone through what I have then come talk. Until then I don't want to hear your excuses
RT @LedyStefy: Il sole è sorto da un po'.. è quello dentro che stamani non vuole uscire.
Исполняйте свои мечты. Alex Clare в Праге, значит надо идти на концерт. И даже если пока не с кем. Всегда можно кого-то найти
@Alex_Cordovaaa tara boiiii kaso... ...akala ko ba hindi ka na mboy???
一発目のExplosion Flower 夏祭り 君の浴衣姿は Yes,Tempin'! Get you,Get チュー! You're AAA and XXX!
RT @SuperDuperDoIan: grayson unfollowed alex on ig, i no longer believe in true friendship
El primero que emitieron es el de Supergirl por que semanalmente es la primera que echan, pero sería el de Flash
I prefer tray c and Alex to nick and amy
Ya puedes adquirir "Navidad Llegó" - Single por Alex Inda
Nominatie Alex Klaasen voor Musical Award, ook Mike Weerts maakt kans
In every real man, a child is hidden that wants to play.....
The twins unfollowed alex and alex unfollowed gray.. New friend got dropped wow
RT @Sadieisonfire: kylie jenner can break in2 my house and kick my fuckin ass anytime
RT @ainump: Accenture Strategy MBA podcast, hear from Alex Destin and Stephen Wroblewski, Strategy Consultants based in Chicago.
RT @dominiquegbagb2: NEGROPHOBIE EN ALGÉRIE EN CE moment L'union africaine ne sert à rien! L'Algérie maltraite actuellement des migrants
RT @ukrainebusk: Опубликовано последнее письмо погибшего в АТО 19-летнего бойца Евгения Костюка
alex and I were doing the choreo during AIMH and she went to put her hand on my shoulder AND SHE PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE