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Ça va Alex Thomson est habillé en Hugo Boss... Ça change de Banque Populaire ou Maître Coq...
They said Nicola would be better than Alex as she was less confrontational and would work with people across parties. How did that go?
@ATRacing99 Congrats Alex on a great race!
Holy Smoke! These S*xy Photos of Alex Iwobi’s Girlfriend, Clarisse Juliette Will Make Every Man Sa...
Citatul zilei - 20 ianuarie 2017: Viața domnului de Moliere - Mihail Bulgakov via @citate_carti
RT @Thatboyvince_: @laurDIY @jeremyshayne @AlexWassabi I shouldn't have let Alex shoot back handed 😂😂
RT @ATRacing99: Alex has been reunited with his family and is speaking to the press! #VG2016
@Alex_love131 トゲトゲ一つ1万円になりまーす笑😝
RT @bangputra85: @ArisIrjayanti @SBYudhoyono mmg kita jujur msh ada kekurangan,tp kt jg hrs jujur slm 2 thn lbh kepemimpinan jkw-jk sdh ada geliat perubahan
@Alex7MIH @Justin7MIH I miss when Justin boomeranged Alex backwards and Alex got rekt as fuck ❤️
Alex Bender on Escaping 50K in Debt with Internet Marketing Please #RT
RT @alexperrienews: #IG • Alex liked the clip perrie posted on Instagram, looks like someone loves the video 😍
RT @VendeeGlobe: Alex Thomson's first words after he won the 2nd place of this edition #VG2016 @HUGOBOSS @ATRacing99 @AlexThomson99
RT @morgan_heneke: Going to get absolutely masmooded tonight
@Americandep Forrest! Your back...again. Posting more nonsense. Did you get that from you buddy Alex Jones? SAD! You need help little guy.
RT @Halitisci: TEK SORU Erdoğan arabasında öldürülmek istendi dendiğinde Şoförü Bugün AKP MV olan kripto Fetö cü @ahmethamdicamli…
Y a quelquun qui a mon compte twi c genant pcq la personne va parler a des gens mdrr mais je sais plus a qui je lavais donnet :(((
@AliceAvizandum i recommend not enoying nazis, personally