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@Alex_Meacham lol my bad. That's what happens when you get old.
@chy_leigh @florianalima I love Maggie & Alex so much I can't stop crying thank you you two for everything I truly mean it.
RT @JSavoly: Can James Alefantis Sue Alex Jones And Infowars Over Pizzagate? #Resistance
please just turn him heel
@Mal_Reynolds2 that's what I had tonight 😋😋😋
@tsukkinice NOT OYU ALEX i will compliment u all uwant
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Lebron you know the haters gonna be saying some shit after that 😂😂
RT @SassySeaI: please don't be a bitch to me because then I'll have to be a bitch back, and I can do it better than u
RT @softsanvrs: kink: alex danvers leaning on her girlfriend's car while waiting for her
RT @aestite: SUBMARINE a sweet modern teenage romance flick craig roberts!!! (i want his fkin hair uhhh) hiding tonight by alex…
@e_mcray @Alex_Micati I hope he doesn't do that to you.
RT @KeeganNYC: .@realDonaldTrump Turn off the Alex Jones and take your meds, gramps.
RT @Cape_Horn_CHI: Some new work: A "catalog page" of Chicago bungalows. One of four styles. @ChooseChicago @chiarchitecture…
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