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" Can you hear them cry ? "
"Ambrosia" by Alesana (↺RT❤) #Ambrosia #Alesana Lyrics RT↺
Que tipo de emo nunca gostou de Alesana ou Escape the fate?
Alesana - What Goes Around, Comes Around (Justin Timberlake cover)
" Blind are leading the blind into a disaster! I'm the only one who seems to care! "
RT @lvlytgl: Top 5 favorite WP writers ko: × @ulaaaann × @owwsiccc × @jhingness × @lengsungit × @Alesana_Marie since 2014 lahat yan. 😍
Circle VII: Sins Of The Lion - Alesana - JOOX
"Obsession Is Such An Ugly Word" by Alesana (↺RT❤) #
"Alchemy Sounded Good At The Time" by Alesana (↺RT❤)
"As You Wish" by Alesana (↺RT❤) #AsYouWish #Alesana Lyrics RT↺
"The Third Temptation Of Paris" by Alesana (↺RT❤) #Th
"I am here to tell you a story, that'll torture your thoughts by day & poison your dreams by night." —curse of the virgin canvas, alesana
" I never had a choice, you blinded me and stole my voice! I will see you soon. "
#NP : #Alesana - A Most Profound Quiet
RT @Shahirrzz: Cuaca panas ni kalau ada yang buat lawak hambar neraka lagi panas nak aje aku shoot kepala.
RT @Safwanishak20: Untuk konvo I nak u datang bawak bunga untuk I. Me during convocation day: okay, say no more
Ate @Alesana_Marie ung Dear Future Husband po ba nasa Wattpad ?
RT @brgsjks: What kind of tea is sometimes hard to swallow? Kotea.
''Let's just say you're right and the nightmare ends, we wake up side by side. What makes you think that I would let you live?''
#NP : #Alesana - A Gilded Masquerade
Through the Eyes of Uriel by Alesana —
@VanitasPePe 俺はAlesanaがきっかけだったなあ(*´ω`*)Emoの世界!