@LookItsJP Not by refusing coverage. They stay in black by using actuarial tables. I.e., sick people pay more, because they use the service.
RT @Thomasismyuncle: The thing is, Liberals routinely deliver bigger Govt for liberal voters... Conservatives never deliver smaller Govt for conservative voters
@anishumaira99 backup je anis haha actuarial science tetap di hati 😂
@SHU76 @knorton29 @NoLabelsOrg and you're the one that conflates actuarial science with socialism
"Actuarial is just a means to an end. My goal is to live my own life." (M****,2017) XD
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and changing the plans' "actuarial value" in a way that makes it more costly for patients -2
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@SHU76 Having a risk bearing actuarial ediface spread risks out is not like socialism at all. @knorton29 @NoLabelsOrg
@matthewstoller The actuarial function is quite valuable in this data-driven world.
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@Ggoblue Not that I wish for this, but based on actuarial tables, your employer could have people over a certain age retire b/c of ⬆️ins💲.