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RT @PTWilliams81: When @STO_AKAs and your chapter soror, @aliciajbarfield are committed to finding a cure. Thanks @DukeCancer for bei… https://t.co/bW7KunlhXK
🎮 Good Evening everyone! I hope all of you are having a pretty good day. :). Here are my plans for the future:… https://t.co/FcyjmUJBne
هناك اوقات أين ستشعر انك ثقل على من هم حولك... 💔
RT @RedSpade302: Two clips from my performance for the UD AKAs🔥 “Yeah I’m Poppin” on all music platforms https://t.co/LImIp3iIpS https://t.co/6KQ5r9e8BR
AKAs out today that’s aiteeeeee
LawrdT my mom just tried to set me up! Talking about go to the game with us...I’m like cool a lil high school game.… https://t.co/5e9Kt9mgCR
RT @billboard: T.I. gets a striptease from Melania Trump look-alike in Oval Office in new video "Dear 45, I Ain't Kanye"… https://t.co/WANcg00Xt5
@Vukile_vee 😰😰I’ve always like Kwesta ❤️, and manje AKAs latest album is 🔥🔥 ngapha there’s nasty c 😍 yhoo le mr fil… https://t.co/NDZnqgEPZu
RT @s0m3b0di: Quick reminder: That Ighalo scored hat tricks doesn't mean that we have forgiven him for that world cup miss.… https://t.co/pZYux9QFZW
RT @sidramatics: If you think the SW will abandon Osinbajo for Peter Obi after calling Yoruba people "slaves", you are in eternal de… https://t.co/uU5p73Vtxt
RT @OlotinOlumide: Abdullahi is an Amputee Mechanic, who is taking a year course on Sustainable Agriculture at an NGO in Kano. He drea… https://t.co/y025DbR0NK
RT @bukolasaraki: Congratulations to our @NGSuperEagles on their brilliant performance in today’s AFCON qualifier match. #SoarSuperEagles
RT @dailydosedeen: Here’s your daily dose of #Quran🌷 End of Surat Yunus صدق الله العظيم https://t.co/hJy4A6t4sf
RT @FootbalIStuff: Throwback to when Essien, Drogba and Salomon Kalou were asked if Lassana Diarra could speak English. 😂 https://t.co/1CeQLiachl
@MbalulaFikile @akaworldwide @CyrilRamaphosa Hope he won't increase akas music album prices or booking fees
木兎「炊飯器の前で立ち尽くす赤葦の哀愁漂う背中に同情したけど大爆笑して怒られちった」 黒尾「あれま。可哀想に」 木兎「だろ!」 黒尾「いやお前じゃなくて赤葦」
RT @DukeCancer: Alicia Barfield, @dukeraleigh, and her sisters from @STO_AKAs step out today for @MakingStrides! https://t.co/efoxr30seh
I was indeed, raised by AKAs though. https://t.co/9z5gsQIZmk