RT @drivelinebases: Results from the 2016 college summer training off-season. Tons of interactive Tableau charts, and big gains. https://t.co/xLaqN5qVBM
Bellator 160: Henderson vs. Pitbull Main Card Fight Highlights https://t.co/lKyso5rvC0 #FrontPage #News #Video #AJMcKee #Bellator #MMA #UFC
Verlander performs the Scap Six-Pack shoulder routine with coaching by Tiger strength coach Gillett https://t.co/lbT7osqiZl via @STACKMedia
RT @Newser: Rio Medalist Sells His Silver to Save Little Boy's Sight https://t.co/S1AIhz1yub https://t.co/7n1zyqGQFS
#ajmckee you know you had him the whole time. #jesusdontlikefighers
RT @BSmile: Baseball In Action: Ernie Banks leaps over a sliding Jackie Robinson (1955) Chicago #Cubs vs LA #Dodgers tonight! https://t.co/mkHvkZPKBY
@AJMcKeeJr действительно крут, провел образцовый поединок, #AJMcKee продолжает идти верной дорогой, продолжает побеждать. #Bellator160
@BloodyElbow ...I mean, can't be great at EVERYTHING at 21 yrs old. #Bellator160 #AJMcKee
AJMcKee é o primeiro vencedor da noite no CardPrincipal do #Bellator160 #FoxFightClub
RT @JacloPac: The #Trump, #GOP menu of fond memories, when (according 2 them) America was Great. America's better off without him! https://t.co/MhGuLpDWLS
Amazon how quick the media in Ireland too are quick to point out Brazilian justice system but have remained quite silent on #IbrahimHalawa
Its amazing how quick the government meet the family of #PatHickey yet #IbrahimHalawa has had little support from gov. @CharlieFlanagan
RT @AZBaseballRanch: The body will allow the arm to accelerate itself only as efficiently as the body can decelerate the arm... https://t.co/FsuDBRGi7f
RT @BSmile: Today In '55: "Don Newcombe - The Biggest Dodger" (Sports Illustrated - August 22, 1955) #Brooklyn #Dodgers #MLB https://t.co/mmaAj6J0D7
Nice write up in D1 baseball about CSUF baseball. The excerpt in the pic is the part about my grandson-a Freshman. https://t.co/olHxVOwfoj
BellatorMMA: What a year it's been for young featherweight prospect AJ McKee (3-0)! Follow him right here: AJMcKee… https://t.co/NvJhyeOhDB