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Hunter has all my social media on his phone rn since my phone is broke his phone became mine for the night 😅
RT @FreddyAmazin: i like being on facetime even if we don't talk like we can literally stay on pause and just be on social media as long as i know u there
Add me as a friend on all your social media or stop being on it around me. Sometimes you are so fucking stupid
#Linkedin Users - Join Open Networkers Jobs and Social Media Networking ##Linkedin
RT @diggletron: @wingster55 Yes. Because social media numbers matter to networks. Including twitter.
ほどよい距離感でした!あなたのSNS依存度を診断する5つの質問 @@BuzzFeedより
RT @Nakluahtapi: "Pernah tak jumpa orang camni? Dekat social media, bukan main peramah lagi, lawak bagai. Tapi bila jumpa face to face, malu malu. 😂
RT @hootsuite: The top 10 social media apps for marketers in 2017:
RT @munfess: #rl Respect! Popular talk show host Sarah Sechan quits social media with heartfelt message.
RT @Patrici76267702: 🇫🇷 France! Vote Le Pen To Save France! I have Posted This On All Of My Social Media Accounts!!!!
RT @AkinJason: @ASC_Hockey is back on social media give us a follow
RT @_ImNotBlak: I feel no need to brag about anything to social media.
social media has its downsides...makes people like her rich
Social Media Should be a Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy
Sometimes I think about how much trouble social media can get me in terms of "getting caught up", but then think fuck it.
RT @CNN: Hail described by many as "golf-ball-sized" hit parts of the US, leading many people to share video on social media…
RT @amhistorymuseum: Discover untold stories of #WorldWar1 and hear directly from experts. April 11 is #WW1 Social Media Day:…
RT @ZarulUmbrella: Baru tgk a few clip of #cikserbatahu kat social media, tbh saya masih bnyk kekurangan dlm lakonan #akanlebihberusaha
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RT @ZandiFinca: Blocking people on social media isn't always "bitterness" its self-care. This is your world. You are in FULL control of who is stays & goes.
RT @mic_raines: I must be the only girl who has enough self respect for myself & my relationship not to post half naked pictures on social media a lot. 🙄
RT @briannacry: Malia, if you see this... make a public social media account so I can love you. thanks.
RT @ArchivesNYC: April 11 is #WorldWarI social media day. Discover #WW1 stories, objects, and more. Join us on social media:…