RT @satishmaisuriya: In a record, @PMOIndia @narendramodi to gift aids to 11,000 on his 66th birthday
RT @reddiuzzaman75: TarıkAkanın solculuğunu beğenmeyenlerin Dedeleri Demirel, babaları Özal peşinde koşarken, o "yol-sürü" vb gibi filmleri çekiyordu
@Adriandarylm gwapo naman baby aids 😂❤️
Most YALL hoes got aids.
RT @THTorguk: Funny AND informative – what not to say to someone who's #HIV positive: @bbcthree
"If you are having a side's best to play it safe!" #HIV #Health4men
Iteratively Developing an mHealth HIV Prevention Program for Sexual Minority Adolescent Men [a] HT @iPubHealth
It worries me the level @ which HIV/AIDS is still spreading esp. Amongst pple younger than 30.We are an educated & aware Nation.a gona eng?
In a record, @PMOIndia @narendramodi to gift aids to 11,000 on his 66th birthday
RT @CHOCOOLIIE: แต่ละบทที่สกายได้รับ ผู้ติดเชื้อ HIV บ้าง ผู้ชายขายตัวบ้าง โถ เอ็นดู ชีวิตรันทดเหลือเกิน อยากอุปกาละ #hateloveseries
#femalecondoms are an important tool in #HIV prevention!Get involved this Global Female Condom Day. #GFCD2016
Aids hiv RT @xO_BADASS: Bankhead >
Shock as Maseno University Student Tests HIV Negative Immediately After Forgiving ‘Rapist’
RT @AVERT_org: Top #HIV news this week: 3) #Sweden first country in world to reach #UNAIDS 90-90-90 Fast Track targets
Elevation speaking of sensory organ aids: ZwRTAXasY
RT @TJ_Knight: Proud to be part of this project with @bbcthree - Things Not To Say To Someone Who's #HIV+ -
RT @JogjaPers: #JogjaPers ~ KRjogjadotcom: Anggota Polres Grobogan Tes HIV #Grobogan #Aids polresgroboga…
RT @karaolorin: #TarıkAkan'a küfredenlerin kahramanı Recep İvedik, biraz da mesele bu
RT @A_Day_With_HIV: Tyker: “My mom and me about to dance. I've learned to cherish the little things after losing people. #HIV #AIDS #mom
@humbarbs (@REACHAHAND Team Leader): RAHU's mandate is to ensure that every Ugandan knows their HIV status #NBSNow
RT @Vksavery: KELIN participates in a Judicial colloquium on HIV, SGBV and Human Rights for E&LRC @EdgarMakona @KELINKenya