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"youtube drama" wasn't exactly a thing until leafy started making bullying videos, sending mass amounts of hate to small channels every day
「本当は18歳以上じゃないと買えないんですよ~(´・ω・`)」 って店員さんに言われた(´・ω・`) 18歳以上に見えてなかったのか(>_<;)
@Aiden__SW ...아뇨. 주물러주셨다간 음....꼴사나울 것 같아서
Old Pulteney returns to Liverpool Food and Drink Festival with local Chef Aiden Byrne –…
@syen_SW 으음... 그러면 죄책감 드는데... 주물러줄까...?
RT @_97kb: Best was when me n aid went bris for some bassline ravebwith only £20 and 3 tabs n linked the dtown crewdem🙇🏻
@MirandaJ1705 me too, then drift off to sleep with Aiden Turner in my head. not so bad.
@Aiden__SW 감사합니다아으윽...
@syen_SW 나도 네 편이니까.... ...응. 네 결정이 어찌되건간에, 존중해줄게.
Getting bottomless mimosas with Anthony on Saturday while my parents babysit Aiden. #parentsgonewild
RT @MyHollyHalston: Watch lesbian movie: Mrs. Aiden Starr fucking her son's friend
@Aiden__SW 저도 약간 그러고 싶은 생각이 들거든요. 하핫.
@syen_SW 하하. 포기라니.
One Tree Hill had me loving relationships and everything about them and now Friday Night Lights got me thinking no one can be trusted 🙈😂
Yung nagkasipon ka lang feeling mo mamatay ka na
I woke up out my sleep, didn't feel Aiden up under me so I moved him closer and lay with him he gets mad Wanna grunt and act crazy😔😒😂😂
@Aiden__SW ...네. 너무 무리 마세요. 포기하셔도 전 편 들어드릴게요.
What is it with school kids going to school on scooters nowadays?? If I went to school on a scooter I would have probs been bullied 😂