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RT @AimeeHelene1: *walks up to microphone during wedding reception* *taps on mic; everyone smiles* "Anyone that doesn't want their cake, pass it to me please"
Potential wedding favours?? 💗☀️👰🏻💍🍾✨ #weddingblog #weddingbloggers #weddingblogger
RT @KiranADavid: 2 hood Niggas and a goofy. One tries to back out bis wedding so they use flashbacks to get him to help. Great relax…
"you can't just put me in a wedding dress" "why not? it's vera wang"
@nevernotdavid Sameeeee. I cannot fuckin wait till it comes out. We got it copies as a wedding gift :D
RT @BiggieMonzie: Igbo weddings/parties: more booze,less food Yoruba weddings/parties: more food,less booze Hausa wedding/parties: clash of different perfumes
Today was spent washing my car, editing some wedding photos and then crafting it up with a beautiful friend 🎨👌 Days…
I'm not going to get into her trying to pawn her own wedding ring. That's between her and her God. But we gon get some answers about forgery
RT @HotelDarlington: Congratulations to James and his beautiful bride Rio, on their wedding day. Wishing you both every happiness
RT @ITRCSD: Have you had a bad experience with your online #wishlist? DM us your story:
RT @TrilliamClinton: imma have a mild sauce fountain at my wedding
Uhh duh, while everyone's busy jamming for YOUR wedding, that's the perfect time💃💃
RT @MaichardOFC2016: What's Alden's take on AlDub Wedding ... kinilig ako ... pwamis! 😍 Watch it on YT, please! 🍃💕 #ALDUB84thWeeksary…
RT @x_madewithlovex: 2 for £20 on our wedding plinths & horseshoes, available in any colours use code 2for20 at checkout #womaninbiz…
RT @sosalomo: Wearing native to the Altar instead of suit on your wedding day is an ALTAR-native.
RT @jessconte: We got all of our wedding pictures 🙈😍
RT @PotterWorldUK: Mark Williams and Julie Walters behind the scenes of Bill and Fleur’s wedding. #HappyBirthdayJulieWalters
RT @Elunajewelry: Wedding Photo Album - White floral textured with Hand-beaded #Daisies by Daisyblu via @Etsy @Daisyblu_Diane #EJWTT
RT @xtxerh: black wedding dress by CarouselFashion
RT @harrysvinyl_: Fans at Harry's wedding : IS HE ATTENDING IT OR NOT ??
RT @jazminnicolem: 🗣 i just want to make a public announcement rn, that if you're not invited to my wedding does NOT mean we have beef.. 🗣