African American

Am I wrong for wanting my daughter to say "Black" instead of "African American"? Af Am irritates the Black nationalist in me.
@realDonaldTrump Real love my nigga. Im a 64 year old black African American and I'm gay but i still support you
can any white person tell me why saying black is so hard for yall but saying african american is the preferred term?
RT @blackmattersus: “Don’t make me call Donald Trump and get you sent back to Africa,” , John Sousa tells African-American students.
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African American Men Are 70% More Likely to Get This Disease!:
@DavidOlusoga with protagonists including rakish young Brits, powerful black women, the first African-American doctor, a Civil War poet.
"He's not racist! He's hiring a woman and an African American." is the equivalent to saying, "I'm not racist. I have a black friend."
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Flash Black Photo: African American Woman Portrait @4BlackThen
Flash Black Photo: African American Woman Portrait @4BlackThen
Trump's "new deal" for black America isn't new, nor is it for black America
My MA student researched African American character speech time in "Black" #Oscar-nominated films; profit vs #AAE s…
Being a statistic about black / African American Minnesotans, I am forced to wonder: what are the rest of my family doing with their lives?
Michael Jordan went down in the Hall of Fam for the Best Black African American Basketball player in history 🏀✊🏾👑 #NBA #ESPN #Jordan
RT @APAPublicInt: A5 Echoing @DrEarlTurner, we need to talk about the impact of race-based trauma on African American kids #Afamedchat
RT @GuardianUS: Dave Chappelle's return and the state of African American stand-up comedy
RT @BillBlackstone: Proud that @galvanize Austin supports diversity and inclusion in Tech! Check out Pitch Black highlights via @512tech
Life For African-American Youth In A Trumpskin's America.... "Detroit's Voice of Progress"…