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MBL Season 37 NFC & AFC East Draft Grades! Check out this blog powered by @DaddyLeagues your #1 host for…
RT @PFF: 2018's highest-graded quarterbacks from the AFC South
RT @eirikaase: AFC Bournemouth fikk £4.75m i bot når de brøt FFP-reglene i 2014/15 sesongen. De sikret opprykk den sesongen og har…
RT @AFCCentralHQ: VIDEO: Serge Gnabry: Mesut Ozil is the best player I've played alongside #afc
@cvx24_ الله يرحمها ويغفر لها ويسكنها فسيح جناته ويلهم أهله وذويه الصبر والسلوان "وانا لله وانا اليه راجعون"
RT @m98251013: #ریتوییت_لطفا 《تخلف در جذب پاتوسی》 دوستان هر کس هر جور می تونه این کلاشی و شیادی آشکار و به گوش همه برسونه تا حتی…
RT @PFF: 2018's highest-graded tackles from the AFC South
RT @MarkMaddenX: The Steelers can't release Brown. Bad precedent, &frees him to go to an AFC North team or the Patriots. Art can't c…
RT @clan_arsenal: RT if you're an Arsenal fan that always FOLLOWS BACK other Gooners! Follow all who RT and gain! 😊 #AFC #COYG…
RT @Yemzine: Kepa Aresejabata after conceding 14 goals in his last 4 games on English soil
@Syrias_football @yosfs9 العقيد هو فخر العرب.
@zak_afc LOOL you men are dogs tbh
@osw_afc 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 te gusta ver el tuitster arder va?!
RT @theAFCCL_ar: بستة ألقاب، يبقى @Alhilal_FC هو الفريق الأكثر نجاحاً على مستوى قارة آسيا. معلومات جديدة نشاركها معكم هنا…
Chelsea players really own the club tbh. If they don’t want the manager they make sure to hound him out properly 😂
RT @PFF: 2018's highest-graded quarterbacks from the AFC South
RT @amr_alsadig: لازم كل الناس تشوف الفيديو دا. عن العم معاوية خليل، الذي قتل داخل أسوار بيته.