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@Logo_Daedalus been watching some McLuhan recently, how did the advent of tv affect the writing of books do you think?
The #movie industry saw a big boost with the advent of air conditioning #TBT
RT @Maryam_Rajavi: May this Nowruz harbinger the spring of freedom & national sovereignty in #Iran #Nowruz🌱 #FreeIran…
TBT, an old 8084 promo shot taken before the advent of color.
The Advent – Sketched To "Size": via @YouTube
The Advent – Sketch O Matic: via @YouTube
RT @4FreedominIran: #MaryamRajavi: This #Nowruz🌿 harbingers end of religious dictatorship and advent of the spring of freedom #FreeIran…
There was a time when Republicans had a modicum of ethics with the advent of @realDonaldTrump #totalvoid
ゲーム起動して、OP終わってのこのBGM本当好き。 コンパイルハートの本気。 Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force OST ~ Title Screen @YouTubeさんから
RT @AChilepoh: Foto @esabocaLINDA - Camino a las Bases de las Torres del Paine #torresdelpaine #patagonia #chile #outdoor #advent…
RT @pad_sexy: イベント期間中、降臨ダンジョン「ガチャドラ 降臨!」がゲリラで出現!今回も「みんなでガチャドラチャレンジ」を実施します! #パズドラ
@DeftMunky @NintendoAmerica @YouTube Stance doesn't mean broken. I advent had any problems.
Checkout my latest post: Checkout my latest post: Checkout my latest post: Checkout my latest post: Checkout my…
Thorntons Gruffalo Chocolate Advent Calendar
RT @pad_sexy: イベント期間中、降臨ダンジョン「ガチャドラ 降臨!」がゲリラで出現!今回も「みんなでガチャドラチャレンジ」を実施します! #パズドラ
RT @BIFM_UK: Hear from @jamiefmworld reflecting on his 100th issue of @FM_World on the difference and impact that…
@AliStricker you literally can't say the words advent calendar in our house at any time of the year because that happens
RT @GeekDadGamer: Here’s peek behind the doors of the 2017 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. Only 40 shopping Saturdays till Xmas. ;)
Cookie Advent Cookbook: With 24 festive recipes
@DrMrScott I do think that the advent of live-streaming has led to a decrease in writing about certain events, to our detriment. #howlround