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I had the craziest dream about @adtr last night lol I wish it was real.
@xemxvivi LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO omg I remember when you went😂😂😂 you got me hooked on adtr
@timthetatman singing ADTR in his fortnite steam made my day. Then the bassist turned out to be in the chat 😂😂
til the bassist from ADTR streams on twitch
The best concert I’ve been to was Adtr and rise against
Me: What’s ur favorite song Hurricane Michael: The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle by ADTR
@__Struggler Her Words Destroyed My Planet - Motion City Soundtrack Are You In? - Incubus Many Shades of Black - Ra…
@jacquelineonb Honestly you’re right I’ll send it rn
個人的ADTR一番オススメソング。この日本人好みのキャッチーなイントロは誰でも聞けば惚れると思う。 A Day To Remember - All Signs Point to Lauderdale:
Y ya lo dice la canción City of Ocala de @adtr 🎶This is our point where we return This is where I came from This…
RT @ruckin_: when someone gets what they had coming to them
And on that thought can I PLS SEE ADTR again
Favorite ADTR album...go
@SonySantaMonica Number 3 has to be @thaRadBrad "o my goodness"
Dang I was a potty mouth but yeah 5 years ago today 16 year old me died as I joined 4 of my favorite bands on stage…
@ysera__ I need more ADTR on the TL
i’m reading brockhampton but i’m hearing adtr how
@adtr have you guys ever considered making a tab book for your songs? I love playing them, but theres not really an…
@ADTR_Tomm That’s what you get for not sending it to me !
RT @Dustin84311: Excited for music in 2019. Expecting new albums from @311 @deftones @adtr @Korn @jimmyeatworld @CoastModern @Ontologics
#classicrock on Rock93X Same About You @adtr by A Day To Remember #hardrock
#NowPlaying A Day To Remember - Same About You @adtr :: Tune In:
This weather reminds me of Ohio. Bonfires and driving the country roads listening to ADTR and Kid Cudi. I miss it.