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@navin1907 Monna oka add vachindi ga andulo graphics annapudu vadi reply chusaru ga bro ika Mana reply kuda ade
@cashley_ade @MhariMacrae @AnnieWellsMSP @policescotland Do you think alcohol should be criminalised? If not, why not?
RT @ObservatorioDmc: Declaración d Bachelet es vergonzosa como todo en ella. Culpa d violación d DDHH a colectivos armados, omitiendo q…
RT @nafeezi: Nigerians are being killed massively, no don't blame Buhari Nigerian economy is collapsing, no don't blame Buhar…
RT @rjcito: Whoever let Ade and I become friends set us up for death
RT @elcosodelapizza: Odio cuando el dentista se va por un rato y te deja con la boca abierta. OLVÉ IJO E UTA! AGE OS OGAS E ENGO A OCA AIERTA, A ONCA E TU ADE!
@meenn79 Jgn la stalk2 ni, kt Profile bkn ade ap2 pun, dm je😜
RT @kemarilewak: ade pakwe pun nak selfie dengan laki lain takpaham aku
RT @ComplexSports: Everyone who had New Mexico State in their bracket:
@Pinkbee_ @Mz_Rubeey As innn. Witnessed one today, i feared!
@Ade_samm Thereby creating more jobs, also being professional oriented, if one has an enthusiastic life to live, sleep will be dejected.
@StrangefaceTC @Ade_Berry @katyedonnelly A theatre design student ‘donated it’ to my boyfriend and he refuses to ge…
RT @Actressshaggers: Kinda Ade jarugutundi 🤤🤤🤤✊💦💦
RT @TiahRoslan_: Dear girls. Jangan takut untuk cari duit sendiri. Before kawin tu make sure ade aset sendiri, yang kita beli dar…
RT @Sope___A: Can’t even say what I’m thinking
RT @Lul_Marz: Bro I’m deadass not joking when I tell you I believe I retweeted this last month and this week and have been having…
RT @Mloose_: Making eye contact with her like this and carrying on with your day like nothing happened>>>
RT @AndrewHammel1: A documentary on the state of the nation filmed in East Germany in 1988.