RT @Jeypeefarm: @PoorvaJo @PetaIndia #AWBI stop your pseudo activism in animal care. Act on street dog than pet bull #jallikattu
RT @INSIDEjp: “プレイヤーの性格が武器になる”ACT『Last Standard』がSteam Greenlightに登場―性格はSNSで解析、最終的には脳構造解析での武器生成を目指す
@nataliemoo just really continues my distrust of police to act until it's too late
RT @am0reno1: When bae asks why u mad & u cant say bc he gone know ur crazy af so you act like its nothing 😂
RT @cellophaneharry: for the next 4 years i'm just gonna act like there was never a 2016 presidential election.
RT @Manovijayfanda: நம் போர் குரல் உலகம் முழுக்க ஒலிக்கட்டும். தெறிக்கவிடுவோம். 👇👇 tag: AMEND PCA ACT SOON
RT @Larryvaughn18: One Act of Kindness can change a life..🌷 Memories are Forever..🌸
RT @TrollSuperstars: Scd man who is behind tis revolution☺ 👉 Karthikeya Sivasenapathi 👈 AMEND PCA ACT SOON
RT @DavidLammy: In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell, 1946. #inauguration
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feedingjoy: #Happiness: Oklahoma public high school juniors can take ACT, SAT for free under state program #inspir
RT @MartinHoscik: Taxpayers already fund @LondonAssembly to act as a scrutiny body so why is Sadiq hiring a company to investigate the stadium costs?
RT @TrollSuperstars: Frst Man who behind this revolution☺ 👉 P.RAJASEKAR 👈 " AMEND PCA ACT SOON "
@GC_Sheep 아아니 지금은 얘기가 다르잖아 양신이란 칭호가 있는지 몰랐을 때고 그땐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Obamacare's last gasp: Help us, Twitch, we gotta get gamers - CNET
AMEND PCA ACT SOON INI ORU VIDHI SEIVOM 👉 We should buy only Indian Products 👉 Cauvery Issue 👉 Farmers Fund 👉 Ban Pollution factories
RT @sciam: Trump’s presidency begins today, giving him the ability to act on pledges he has made related to climate change
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#toyota yaris seattle sage act vs salesforce
RT @NayabAfridi_10: ◆ Every act of goodness is sadqa.
RT @yHLUC078X18ickk: 猫ちゃん探してます‼ 18日18時半 大和市深見西4丁目路上から逃走。レオくん3歳、メインクーン。真っ白い長毛。首輪ハーネス無し。 推定8キロ、かなり大きいです。 最後の目撃情報は18日19時前に、大和市深見のパチンコact様付近…