RT @dnaples3: @ERNESTZorro @MerileeEaton @GiGicmka Exactly! "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
Disability Benefits and the Social Security Act #LandMark Ebooks
RT @angryblackhoemo: Idea that it's possible to "talk about race too much" = part of why we got Trump Ignore reality, then wanna act shocked when shit gets real
RT @gameover_k: 🙊แจกโปสเตอร์จากอัลบั้ม EX'ACT (รบกวนออกค่าส่งเองนะคะ) เนื่องจากอซแดซังสี่ปีซ้อนอ่ะลูกพี่ ปิดรีวันพู๊ดดดดดด🎉
RT @GavMemes: when u gotta act like u care about someone's opinion so u aren't rude
Never estimate your one act of obedience.. You can be the answers to someone's prayers..@kellycollinspw
RT @biiplanet: ปีนี้อซ.ได้แดซัง แจกลิปkiss me HARDER 9แท่ง แจกบั้ม EX'ACT 3รางวัล กติกา:รี #howtoperfect #VOTEforEXOTH #2016MAMA
RT @IngrahamAngle: SHUT UP & ACT: Mark Wahlberg: 'Hollywood is living in a bubble' and stars shouldn't talk politics |
RT @TheNatureOfNate: I respect ppl and their experiences that make them think and act a certain way. Even if it isn't returned. Peace and love on this side.
RT @Reuters: Iran says extension of sanctions act shows U.S. unreliable
RT @Starvingforthin: I am damaged goods and I'll never be good enough. No matter how much weight I lose or how normal I try to act, it won't be enough.
RT @poohpaeexol: แจกบั้มป่าว ex'act เนื่องจากได้แดซัง4ปีซ้อน แค่รีอย่างเดียวประกาศผลปีหน้าวันเกิดเราเอง (6มกรา) #exo #2016mama…
we not bouta act like Tyga ain't make one of the best mixtapes of all time.
RT @CoolGirlFusion: SIGN THE PETITION: Tell swing states to #AuditTheVote #MSNBC #AMJoy #VotoLatino #maddow #theroot #blacklivesmatter
RT @Normsmusic: GOP salivating at getting ready to dissemble the afordible care act. Will be repealed within 2 years. Thanks Trump lovers and people haters.
Senior #Iran officials criticize Iran Sanctions Act renewal as violation of nuclear deal
If you have #ACT next weekend, @PrepFactory has great resources tips and practice. #testprep @LinnMarHSIowa
Roe & I really act as if we married son , but im glad this over
La #DO de #Montilla- #Moriles explica que la subida de impuestos al alcohol encarecerá costes de producción
you niggas act like bitches
RT @WeldrBrat: Take Note... Not 1 single theft, no looting, not 1 single act of violence n #Gatlinburg. Outside News Reporters uglier than mountain folks.