RT @stylishsuga: "bts copied exo again" winner jp lightstck & twice candy bong also changes colors. dont act like exo invented colo…
RT @EoinHiggins_: Remember this lede in nine months when they try to push through PATRIOT ACT 2 in response to another attack. h/t…
RT @AlyssaRosenberg: As always, pretending to tackle the budget by cutting the arts is a sign of fundamental unseriousness:
RT @DaisyGreenFood: Caught in the 📷 act at #TimmyGreen! We're glad it's not just us who takes pics of our food 🙋 Hard not to when it lo…
My main goal is to blow up and then act like I don't know nobody
it's incredible how a simple message like "act as a professional" can be disruptive for so many people working in software.
Tell @realDonaldTrump: Stop hiding. Release your tax returns and come clean with Americans. via @CREDOMobile
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Rohingya crisis: Malaysia PM says Muslims must act -
RT @BabajiKaThullu4: I asked my heart, "Why can't I sleep at night?" Heart replied, "Because you slept in the afternoon. Don't act like you are in love, idiot"😂😂
I already was planning on having my kids meditate, but who would've thought of it as a disciplinary act 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
If You Ain't Fuck With Me Before Don't Act Like You Kno Me Now Gshit -Dre
RT @MEAIndia: PM @narendramodi: The crucial question is: how do nations act in a situation where the frames of reference are shif…
RT @FreddyAmazin: You want me? act like it, howbow dah
RT @inforophoto: @PokemonGoLleida La pantalla de FIN DE AÑO seguirá hasta que NIANTIC quiera. Ya nos pasó con la de Hallowen. El consejo es para ACT limpia.
RT @FreddyAmazin: You want me? act like it, howbow dah
RT @poniewozik: What @AlyssaRosenberg said: arts cuts stick it to rural areas, not urban elites, & save little money.
RT @_Marcus_Hook: My NUMBER ONE new music act to watch out for in 2017 - Baby Queens @baby_queens Jukebox:…
RT @kuntyewest: Let's not act like Telephone didn't happen
RT @daisavou: A nigga only gone act right for the girl he really wants
RT @Tru_Cypress: So y'all just decide to act an ass in 2017. These hoes is beat.
RT @WorIdStarComedy: Nigga just took a L tryin to act an ass in his momma whip
RT @CraziestSex: best thing 2016 has taught me so far is don't force relationships with anybody, if they wanna fwu they gon' act like it, words mean nothing
RT @93Dark_God: Once I hear that" Dirty soda in a styrofoam " it's time to act out
@matthaig1 Is Three Doors Down a Drugs Squad tribute act?