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I remember this one bitch act like she wanted to fight me at the Diamond 😭
Me either lol I ain't goin know how to act
RT @WSHHVlDEOS: Bae: "Oh so u wanna act dumb now?" Me:
😂 why do all my friends act like my they my nigga?
@jamieoborne will the Japanese house be the supporting act in mainland Europe as well? X
Love Rihanna to death, but she cannot act to save her life.
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RT @PrisonPlanet: California college teacher says Trump election victory an act of "terrorism". Yes, really.
RT @saladinahmed: trump's first real act as president: trying to make women shut up
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Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act Passes House | TexasGOPVote via @TexasGOPVote
A nigga only gone act right for a female he really wanna be with 💍 know ya worth 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
Getting real anxious about this ACT tomorrow morning 😕
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RT @LifeQuoties: When you're trying not to act crazy but bae says something stupid
RT @EthereaIMin: Pls look at Taehyung and Suho's friendship why can't both of their fandoms act this way this is so-
RT @PrisonPlanet: California college teacher says Trump election victory an act of "terrorism". Yes, really.
@nycsouthpaw @ObamaMalik I'm gonna feel cheated if Trump doesn't have some douche bag brother who will act like an ass throughout his pres.
RT @vshaikha: act cold,look hot.
If government officials are so concerned about "fake news" then why did they repeal the Smith Mundt act making gov…
RT @DILIPtheCHERIAN: One more exception? Act hastily, regret slowly ! Oh, hang on, they're just being hyper-responsive #DeMonetisation
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I hate that no one can give a random act of kindness without seeking the attention of others through social media.