It's crazy how I smoke weed and how some cops act like if I'm a criminal or something . ๐Ÿ˜‘
RT @dulcetaegi: they chose taehyung as the one who has different image on broadcast & irl they said he act manly but is really cute
RT @mahagonydonna: Bad karma and not recommended but it's too easy to not say anything. Act like it never happened. Keep it pushing.
RT @ACTStudent: Be a good friend. Share this with someone whoโ€™s in need of a helpful ACT test tip.
RT @catherineoates1: @waltdog4 Or begins economic sanctions on US, or changes lending, borrowing, rate rules? Billion ways Ch. can act.
People act like there's a manual to keeping a man... if he don't wanna stay faithful, he's not gonna be faithful
@todd995 @ForzaMundial some people act like he will be world class in the future. He should be a squad player for the rest of his career.
RT @xocult: they hurt you and then they act like you hurt them
"Females always ......" "females act like...." I understand .
RT @realmommagump: Sign the petition Tell @POTUS to declare Standing Rock a national monument & stop the Dakota Access pipeline #NoDAPL
RT @palinextdoor: so we just gon act like we all didn't take L's this semester??
RT @MallyTheSmugglr: She used to be my homie tho, but act like she don't know me tho
@Zenfox87 I'll continue to eat it out of some sort of rebellious act. :P
RT @AnActofDog: I am honored to paint the rescued dogs of our awesome friends and supporters! You can help us by commissioning...
#ShawnOnSNL #AskShawnSNL Who's going to be the opening act in the Illuminate Tour?
look out the peephole, and act like i aint see him
beware of moms who act like you're no big deal. really they just used to their sons bringing girls home & they know you not long term
RT @xocult: they hurt you and then they act like you hurt them
@wutif9 @zappuc ok what does china invading tawian have to do with Trump breaking the Taiwan Relations Act
RT @WorIdstarhumor: This is how Asians in Houston act๐Ÿ’€
RT @HeathersDiary: When u hit the blunt too hard & u choke for like two straight minutes but now it's your turn again & you have to acโ€ฆ