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RT @MotivatinQuotes: Every positive thought you think, every good word you speak, and every act of kindness you perform, is lifting your spirit to new heights.
RT @Heissarcastic: that moment when you see something that lowkey kills you inside but you have to act cool about it 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
RT @utkarsh_aanand: SC rules only courts under Indian Divorce Act can grant divorces for Christians, divorce decree by ecclesiastical courts aren't valid.
RT @shadyfactsdemi: 'Body Say' by Demi Lovato has been certified gold in Brazil. Making her the first ex act to get an international ce…
RT @Physicaleds: Pres. Bush's letter to Trump shows what a class act he is ! Praying for his health.
RT @sodacarbon: ' People will hurt you and then act like you hurt them '
RT @rispuddingen: ยอด download อซ แต่ละอัลบั้มปีนี้ (Gaon มี +/- บางเพลงที่ไม่เข้า year-end, อิงยอดรายเดือน) EX'ACT 2,369,147 Lotto 778,852 For Life 491,391
RT @AnimalsAsia: REPORT: Starving sun bears in Indonesia and how you can help them:
RT @IndianDiplomacy: India's partner in Act East MoS @Gen_VKSingh held discussions with his Indonesian counterpart Mr. A.M. Fachir in Ja…
Nampak gaya mcm kene extend keje lagi ni. Kenapa la jam ni baru nak tukar act baru, super form la nenek form la.
This song gets me ALL the time! #DamnTearJerker "To go from Boys to Men, you gotta act like a…
Climate change is wreaking havoc on poor communities. Tell Congress to Act Now
@kvttycat you are the "Beauties that awakens the soul to act" as Dante Alighieri might have said
RT @diandrasoares13: Caught in the act... prepping for an emotional scene with my screen mom the talented #dollythakore on Love Life scr…
RT @INSIDEjp: “プレイヤーの性格が武器になる”ACT『Last Standard』がSteam Greenlightに登場―性格はSNSで解析、最終的には脳構造解析での武器生成を目指す
RT @ZaidZamanHamid: Someone in Baluchistan or federal govt or FC pl find this idiot & arrest him for killing this poor leopard.. such a…
RT @otaust: REGISTRATIONS OPEN: Early Bird registrations for #OTAUS2017 are now being accepted. Act now to secure a place!…
RT @NL_Vossi: Sooooooooo we just gunna act like Ed, Edd n Eddy weren't a classic?
RT @rispuddingen: ยอด streaming อซ ของแต่ละอัลบั้มที่ออกปีนี้ (ยอดจาก Gaon อาจมี +/- แต่ประมาณนี้) EX'ACT 99,718,375 Lotto 33,621,620 For Life 12,779,206
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RT @sisain_editor: 우리 사회에서 공급자 위주로 돌아가는 영역이 세 곳 있다. 학교, 법원, 병원이다. 그나마 학교나 법원은 나름의 견제나 참여 장치가 있는데, 병원은 아니다.ㅣ이오성 기자 의술인가, 상술인가…