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RT @gbdownes: The Downes lab takes a knee against racial injustice and in support of the freedom to speak out about it.…
RT @mattyglesias: Trump can’t speak coherently on any policy topic and we’re just used to it now
RT @SAVAGEKERMlT: do babies named karen even exist or do they just appear one day with 3 kids and wanna speak to the manager
@SizeMeUpp Speak for me too thank you
I'm still thnking if God will fnd it funny if I ask whther it's Modimo oa difebe you speak of😣😭 But nvm😒😔😔 My bal…
RT @shellywelly53: When you speak so highly about someone and they end up screwing you over
RT @hannahmunro3: Nothing more true than actions speak louder than words. If someone acts like they don't give a fuck they absolutely don't give a fuck
@ConnorBoyd1872 @selecaoportugal @Cristiano @Ciaran4121 I don't speak bullshit
The innovation of technology would be a whole new marketing and advertising canvas.
RT @debrahirsch: We earn the right to speak into someone's life, when we've practiced the act of washing their feet.
@Technojara Though I assume that circas don't speak in a rough Australian accent
Bravo to @megynkelly for sharing her 2016 complaint @FoxNews against @BillOReilly. The more women speak up and speak out the better.
should brush up on my spanish so me and @_supersoul can speak it in public and make our new gimmick making white people uncomfortable
WE THE PEOPLE have made our voices heard. Continue to speak up #BoycottNFL #BoycottNFLSponsors #BankruptThemAll
@BuddyGB @TheCanarySays @G1ZQC Don’t speak too soon.
RT @muttonshunter: @theresa_may I can only speak for myself and every copper I know but you've managed to get the police to hate the c…
RT @shellywelly53: When you speak so highly about someone and they end up screwing you over
RT @shellywelly53: When you speak so highly about someone and they end up screwing you over
RT @_niyyy: Glo up on they ass and never speak to them again.. 😏
RT @_zolarmoon: How u wana "travel the world" but barely like ethnic people & be irritated when ya cashier dont speak English? ..wh…
RT @aepotter: @sarahTRUMPMORON If your disabled child attends school and you voted for Trump his Education Secretary has just mad…
@jonjo19791 @robp1889 We all deserve a second chance. And we all sometimes speak in the heat of the moment. Always happy to move on...
RT @DonCapra: "can I speak to your manager?" First of all, they're gonna say the same exact thing I just told you and then we'll talk shit about you l8r
🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show Sophia Bale:speak bored you are be