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De nuevo no😔
Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube ( - El amor después del amor - Vale Acevedo ♫ HD (cover) + Saludos ▼).
Se extraña el fútbol peruano. Sí, así con sus defectos y virtudes...Hoy me gustó el Melgar 2-1 Sport Huancayo, pero…
@inversionenaut1 @NachoDevitta14 Perdón que me meta, Acevedo no tiene chances o no les gusta?
Que gripe que tengo lpm
RT @aldana_pauu: Ademas de que es una exagerada me encanto el boludeo que le pego la madre
@JcJaimes1 Ya se quien, el de las miradas intensas?
On page 149 of 361 of The Poet X, by Elizabeth Acevedo
RT @sophvango: Me standing at my wardrobe when I can’t find nothing to wear and I was suppose to leave 20 mins ago
RT @brianstelter: Based on what I know, which is more than I can tweet, I can confidently say: This @Olivianuzzi profile of Hope Hick…
RT @SINice: Thanos pulling up on Wakanda like
Siempre la misma mierda con este hp 🙄🖕🏽
Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube ( - Puente - Vale Acevedo (Cover) HD).
RT @UVRaindrops: RIP Porfiria Acevedo-Gomez my grandmother entered immortality about half an hour ago. She was my best friend and I…
@Brend_Acevedo Uh quien te conoce a vos
RT @swbrailriders: Prior to today's game at GMS Field, Miguel Andujar and Domingo Acevedo received the 2017 Kevin Lawn Award as the Ya…
RT @MlKEHEADLY: Thanos gonna turn Wakanda into a Friday night in Chicago & y’all going to say its racism and it’s all the white man…