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RT @myconfusedface: A pregnancy is never a surprise, if you had unprotected sex what did you expect? A washing machine?
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@nytimes these women don't realize the desperation of an unexpected pregnancy. I remember coat hangers. And no law like roe wade for help
@Kurli_K yea that pregnancy shit pissed me off I swore she would make it outta there 😩 and lip I just fuck with his style overall
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#Indilens Jenelle Evans: See Her Lie About Her Pregnancy on Teen Mom 2! https://t.co/t2EbcRfWk3 #hollywood
I have always been pro-choice because I don't think abortion is wrong. It's wrong to force a woman into a pregnancy they do not want.
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RT @PregnancyTricks: Labor is the closest a woman may ever be to the threshold between life and death while she is still very much alive. #Pregnancy
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RT @tweetsbyteal: I want a traditional Valentine's Day flowers, chocolate, out to dinner. A positive pregnancy test in March... Something like that, ya know?
RT @Kt_Leming: Seriously any one have any advice for vivid pregnancy dreams because im tired of waking up crying..tonight I had a literal panic attack
RT @LeahNTorres: Pregnancy is a *possible* result of sex, @lifehaspurpose. We exist due to evolution. We have sex for bonding & health, not for procreation