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Mr. Rodgers. Don't even need to say anything else
RT @OplaRahman: Roblox hack Free Robux Unlimited For IOS & Android Working 100% - YouTube https://t.co/CHAvhboY9k
RT @btsportfootball: "He's brought me back to life!" @StuArmstrong16 applauds the influence of @celticfc boss Brendan Rodgers. #SPFL https://t.co/BBxTQnItSE
Olivia Munn says Aaron Rodgers is totally not her fiance... https://t.co/JwpeMAdUWX #oliviamunn
RT @WWE: Celebrated comedian @fluffyguy is heading to #SDLive this Tuesday... but what does he have in store for #TeamBlue?… https://t.co/XpcHYb64nQ
RT @btsportfootball: "He's brought me back to life!" @StuArmstrong16 applauds the influence of @celticfc boss Brendan Rodgers. #SPFL https://t.co/BBxTQnItSE
RT @scotsunsport: .@JohnHartson10 names the five big-name @celticfc players Brendan Rodgers should bin in January..… https://t.co/gRspAAgiSp
Brendan Rodgers: Nothing in my contract says I have to play Griffiths https://t.co/q6UQpiSBpG https://t.co/n16cTYkUTi
RT @SuperNovaElite2: Trump Interior pick would near most women EVER in an initial cabinet https://t.co/xC1df8J1XY
RT @dmartosko: Picking "CMR" to run Interior would give Trump's initial cabinet the most women in history https://t.co/BC4eOvsnz3 via @MailOnline
At 8.30am on @BBCRadioScot: - Partick 1-4 Celtic - Griffiths - Rodgers - Archibald - Scottish badminton
RT @GCCMars: ‚ÄúEverything you can imagine is real, Just get up and work on it.‚ÄĚ #saturdaymorning https://t.co/tKHvy603y4
RT @rexkat: "McMorris Rodgers was a co-sponsor of a 2011 bill that would have sold off 3 million acres of public lands" https://t.co/HnNc8jrQZo
RT @SO_1888: How fucking glorious is it tae be a Celtic fan these days. Brendan Rodgers for Pope.
@PaulNanos, Whereas Tomlin has a HOF Qb in Big Ben, but hes not in Rodgers class. Plus hes always beat banged up, from being a tough guy
Olivia Munn Addresses 'Engagement' to Aaron Rodgers in Hilarious Instagram Post #OliviaMunn https://t.co/qDQpOBc1fF #OliviaMunn
@thecoreyholcomb if Dak don't beat Rodgers, Ryan or Stafford the talking heads will say he's not "clutch".
RT @gwesterman: "There's no value in being ordinary when you have the capacity to be remarkable." - Shane Rodgers
@PaulNanos, Rodgers who puts up yrly 4:1 TD to INT Ratio or better. 100 rtng seasons, and McCarthy cant get them over the hump 4 2nd SB
RT @TomSteyer: Trump Interior nominee Cathy McMorris Rodgers wants to sell off public lands for oil drilling. Enough said. https://t.co/XqFQWqRHRr
RT @Q13FOX: Trump to pick Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers to run Interior Department, reports say https://t.co/Csgw4uHtWl https://t.co/xb5BP12SPG
'I'M Under No Pressure To Play Griffiths, 'says Rodgers ‚Äď As Armstrong Gets Praised @CQN https://t.co/9aIRJv3PBy
She is a bad, very bad woman. Crooked Cathy McMorris Rodgers has given the country away. https://t.co/CYLE0eAdgN # via @HuffPostPol