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RT @ReIatableThings: my ultimate goal is for my kids to be like "wow dad really loves mom."
RT @RelatabIePoems: I just want friends like the friends in Friends https://t.co/CJBMQMLpZa
All Over Bosanova is a little ⭐️ 💨 #EagleFarm #horseracing
On True North: "#141 – Gangster Government in Minnesota" by Jack Rodgers& Jake Dusenberg. https://t.co/pavWqxhrAB
Weweeeeeee. L.O.U.D.E.R again. https://t.co/QdVUxGNH3l
@Steve_Rodgers All Over Bosanova looks like a really nice, progressive type
Brendan Rodgers loses young attacker to Premier League side #CelticFC #CFC #LFC- https://t.co/qmMfNFmyJz
#AaronRodgers 2015 Topps High Tek Spiral Pattern #25 Aaron Rodgers https://t.co/UYFYwvpWbp #NFL #Packers
RT @nilerodgers: I'm writing a #musical. And @JoesPub gave me the opportunity to tell the back story @nilerodgers #rollerskating… https://t.co/y8wkQJAhTb
RT @Liam_O_Hare: Brendan Rodgers on managing Celtic. https://t.co/uP5I6bJnDq
Kill the Lights (with Nile Rodgers) by Alex Newell, Jess Glynne & DJ Cassidy — https://t.co/admNNLiyEY
@pbversion2 @Linz_Rodgers awww I've missed #Fridaynightrant 😭 and I miss Fuel
Sounds like Dennis Rodgers, the baseball coach at Riverside City College is ready to retire. Waiting for official word from @asteele12000
RT @Eddiest_KE: Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you. #Inspired
RT @ryu_: FF外から失礼しますという言い方も好きではない、というかそんなに内と外を区別する必要あります?と思ってます。フォローとは単に自分が興味の対象をチェックするためのものに過ぎないのに、あたかもそれが自分中心のコミュニティのようになっているという。
RT @Crazy_Cole79: 2015. New #LFC boss Jurgen Klopp tries to ignore predecessor Brendan Rodgers as the bitter Irishman accosts him in… https://t.co/DWzVtEH9tb
Listen, Love, Repeat
Jordan Rodgers Grabs JoJo Fletcher's Butt on Romantic Island Vacation https://t.co/5jLHo0mLZs https://t.co/YAqRSlm8Ke