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Chantelle Rodgers over de last van sikkelcelziekte https://t.co/B8cJRdis3V via @NPORadio1
RT @Wendy55129810: 🗼Dancing in Paris🗼 🎨 by Katie Rodgers / New York https://t.co/7DZuoMIx4b
RT @PatsMilitia: Aaron Rodgers has a 99 Rating in Madden 2019. Ton Brady has a 96 rating. Umm excuse me EA Sports https://t.co/NAEI5txVuU
RT @NFL_AS: Aaron Rodgers ya entiende a Brett Favre. https://t.co/gtGJEIXDMo
Great article ... Oh and also I am running off To Vegas to marry a bloake I just met at the bar Who just happens t… https://t.co/dOIRJf8SQ0
@DutchSpace I remember that. 😭 Also when Mr Rodgers visited Koko. 😭😭😭
@DavNavarroo Yeah brady should be the only 99 Qb rodgers should be like 96
RT @uhnickgeller: Nobody forces anyone to have a minimum wage job. It’s a choice. If you choose to stick with a job that doesn’t pay… https://t.co/uBTcD2tAOY
RT @CelticFC: 🇦🇹 Brendan Rodgers is 👀 forward to pre-season in Austria! Come along for the ride! ALL 5⃣ matches LIVE on… https://t.co/AVJsyTNgi9
RT @greenaravaagrit: Even in the land of agri tech, when you don't have a GPS you use old school methods. Growing onions in the middle… https://t.co/Ev3oEpiw84
RT @greenaravaagrit: ken Arava is one of the great outcomes of the Galana Kulalu project https://t.co/p4y5pPtupk
RT @greenaravaagrit: Saying goodbye from our students of the #GALANAKULALU project in israel. We can assure you that it's not the end o… https://t.co/4ufDktDiH6
#Foodsecurity is largely threatened by the invasive #FallArmyWorm in EA 🐛 . PPPs is key in advancing resilience in… https://t.co/YOo7Nidjbe
@WldTwnVikWlv @NFL @packers @NFLfantasy Lol dude how worry bout ur team actually winning a Super bowl for once ur t… https://t.co/Sc19xKtmoq
Must be in a relationship with the little bird and catchin an ear full. https://t.co/LfmZDWLjlJ
RT @RogerzinAdjei: From the little info I have gathered so far. I can boldly say Kenya is doing well in Agriculture as compared to oth… https://t.co/KLYsVc8hmO
RT @Ky_San17: LGBT community is so hateful towards people who don’t agree with them. Saying there is no God doesn’t make it true.… https://t.co/6kfw89GpFQ
RT @austinn_holland: James Charles is honestly just a fucking faggot, never compare him to any branch of the armed forces https://t.co/RIH5X9pcQx
Thanks @RogerzinAdjei , we shall not rest until the farmer gets his/her share . #AgribusinessTalk254 https://t.co/QaA3yIU9cI
RT @SNFonNBC: Madden 19's "work in progress" QB ratings have been released. For more: https://t.co/O6N5Evgzw2 https://t.co/n9APUbQc2U
@NFLfantasy @AaronRodgers12 @packers How many games did this bum even play? Other than the acl and suspensions Brad… https://t.co/8WEP1w6PZS