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The Denver Principles condemn "AIDS victim" or "AIDS patient" but say "People with AIDS" #NSEC16 This was once radical
@ClintonFdn <= it is a FELONY to use telecommunications to commit #CharityFraud. #ClintonFdn has NOTHING to do with… https://t.co/AvXX7aDVJ1
"I want to talk about people living with HIV, not people dying of AIDS." #NSEC16
RT @nighealthwatch: Read the Benefits of Gender Responsive Budgeting in #HIV/AIDS Programming here: https://t.co/OGs0VVHCPY #16DaysOfActivism @NACANigeria
@ClintonFdn <= it is a FELONY to use telecommunications to commit #CharityFraud. #ClintonFdn has NOTHING to do with… https://t.co/u3KImzTjvD
@LanayaEleazer okay! I hope it's good, it looks like aids to me
RT @mikeyparmesan: How can you protest the killing of a man who attacked a campus with a butcher knife? 2016 gives me aids
"Please, let's get rid of the HIV/AIDS slash. One does not always lead to the other." #nsec16
@0Mayns na it's fuxking aids
The fight against HIV/AIDS requires a combined effort from all stakeholders @m2mtweets | Careers https://t.co/bOoMk4j1RO
You mean "Don't let the aids-soaked transvestite twink boy whore hit you on the way out." https://t.co/2Uuwwxj4HL
i'll buy you a red lokai bracelet if you do bc they doing shit with AIDs
There were wait lists for AIDS meds as recently as 6 yrs ago. People had to wait for others to die before they could get access #nsec16
"If there's one thing you take away: take out the slash. It's not HIV/AIDS. It's HIV and AIDS. They are not the same. It is not inevitable."
does anyone have AIDs
RT @JustineeSacco: Going to Africa! Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm white!
RT @patdrisk: @DixieLand__Diva They work for $. So if you need help and you know where to find them, maybe you can hire "the AIDS team"!
RT @VuralKahraman: @BurhanKuzu Küba'da anne karnından çocuğa AİDS bulaşmaması için ilac yapılırken sen götüme su kaçtı orucum bozulur mu diye tartışıyorsun
@feefiefoe_farah i know everything about aids