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RT @MVDefender2: We are not just a team. We are a family. JourneyTogether MARVOREE
@LXA958 @bmiller87 ok cool. You are a fan of a team who has not beaten a team since you were born (30 years) and they play them every year.
RT @SoccerWillG: I’m an old-school guy who believes that effort magnifies talent. Effort unifies a team. – George Karl
RT @TPrep_Bowl: 2/Baker playoff. Seed 1 plays Seed 4, 2 vs 3, in a best of 5 Baker Playoff double elimination. This means a team must lose twice before
RT @StellaTWloveKyu: #kyuhyun spotted filming for the B team with Lee SuGeun (Cr. g_oneinamillion) Ahn JaeHyun is in A team. https://t.co/XXEEAG2d0z
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: How about a movie about a team of superheroes made up of only women and minorities who fight to destroy Trumpocalyp… https://t.co/20fE7TUiLu
Seriously going into a depression about not having a team to take up all my time until July 😥
RT @GreggyBennett: Tamra and Vicki are at their best when they are terrorizing other women as a team #RHOC
When a team member cares about no one but himself, the whole team suffers. https://t.co/313JFKXbGf
@ProfAltamirano @Urunderarrest throwing INT's, missing FG's, etc. It's a team effort, win/lose as a team, this bye couldn't come at a better
RT @BballCoachMac: A team will never reach their true potential until all players put the team before themselves.
When Zlatan broke a rib in a punch-up with a team-mate 😳 https://t.co/ImnB6eG1kq https://t.co/53r1NS0vso
RT @villareport: Villa recently recruited Ian Atkins from Everton and a team psychologist also arrived this month. [birmingham mail] #avfc
@Dare_Empire 3 followers, Dare fanboy, imaging fanboying a team in 2016. mhmhmm neck yourself.
A team of professionals driven to provide each client an individualized experience and superior customer service in their Florida real esta…
RT @MrsDooB2uty: ... for them, and they're doing much amazing that I've expected.. And I think is a team that I look forward to...
RT @Snypr_: if your an editor or an Director and looking for a team DM me !
if your an editor or an Director and looking for a team DM me !
@beckyfurbz You can't make fun of a team that won 5-1 yesterday!!
First day of #SMKGirlsInnovationCamp, #SMK female students took part on a team building & social skills training… https://t.co/25m2R2Cwe1
Exactly one week until #CasualConnect Tel Aviv! We're sending a team of experts, set a meeting with one of them:… https://t.co/8qOZQSITHn
Made a team called Lateral! @LateralSnipers need someone to lead with me dm if interested
@ojeniko They're up against a team from the second best division, so it's by no means a walkover team.
RT @Brave_Moses: RT If you have ever Smoked weed Had sex Joined a team over 50k Pissed outside Played Cod Jacked off Been blown Eaten Pussy Farted Showered