A Good Borek

DJERDAN BOREK2283 65 StreetBrooklyn, NY 11204(718) 484-3180This Albanian dinner (Yes, I said Albanian) looks a luncheonette. It is almost as hard to find as the country, itself being on a side street and an incorrect address on the menu.There are no hamburgers here. Instead plan to have Boreks, (similar to middle eastern Borekas ), that is a pastry that is stuffed with spinach or meat or cheese. The pastry is light and close to a waffle batter. Thats it! Boreks make up almost the entire menu except for some wonderful desserts. A typical dessert is Baklava swimming in honey and/or Karo sauce or cake or pastry that flavored in the same way. Boreks cost about $4 each and two Boreks are more that you can eatfor more see www.Ditmasestates.com

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