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Day 2 of @Dare2Share Certified Trainer retreat. Godly guys + God-sized mission = #nextgen #gospelize PRAY 4 impact! #airsupport
RT @lowqualitydino: the most iconic part of seventeen's boomboom music video, dino's godly rapping: https://t.co/qQ9ZiS0ApY
All Swede line up by Misfits looks godly.
RT @classisinternal: all white when i'm feeling godly ✖️ https://t.co/29COXyPN03
Godly leadership fears God, trembles at God's word, humbles its pride, prays like crazy and gives itself away. @LiveSmartBook #leadsmart.
RT @nativejeweler1: People observe the way a child of God handles trials may be the only glimpse of godly conduct they see.
can i request bighit to make jungkook wear more white shirts more often like please bighit i want kookie's godly chest
Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. (NLT) -2 Timothy 3:... https://t.co/9w15cjggDA
But the godly will flourish like palm trees and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon. - Psalm 92:12
RT @TrumpNewsUSA: On this godly Sunday @TrumpNewsUSA team met President @realDonaldTrump. To help, he said use twitter & avoid MSM. https://t.co/0XqM33o2Lu
I have no idea what he's doing but look at that godly profile https://t.co/ImIOr6zh5K
RT @AliBasil_90: "Peace requires man to acquire Godly attributes" #AhmadiyyaTrueIslam
Godly Man with a Godly Family, Godly ways, and lives a Godly life. Happy Birthday to my friend, my mentor, my Pastor. Tony Jones! 32? :-)
In order to build strong, Godly foundations in your life, you must first utterly demolish the deceptive, evil... https://t.co/JOLegm9jE1
happy birthday beautiful so proud of the godly girl you are💜 @chelsea_myers13
"Peace requires man to acquire Godly attributes" #AhmadiyyaTrueIslam
"Peace requires man to acquire Godly attributes" #AhmadiyyaTrueIslam
"Peace requires man to acquire Godly attributes" #AhmadiyyaTrueIslam
RT @medicsoon: She's just extra godly beautiful when she sings 😳 https://t.co/lweqrsiboI
@Alpar01 if they're your favorites that's one thing but saying that's because you think they're godly in the industry is just man no
RT @focuskenya: I covenant to promote godly values in all my interactions at personal, family, community, and national levels. #Hesabika