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RT @Traucmahr_: Ma participation au concours Nintendo! My entry for a Zelda Breath of the Wild french contest, RT appreciated! ♥… https://t.co/Jtq33InOk8
RT @TheAnkaraTimes: #Macron rises as the favorite candidate of French presidential election as scandal-hit Fillon's popularity plummets …
RT @Kekeflipnote: This bird's head looks like a glove full of air, so ... :> Glove = gant in french ^^ https://t.co/N3lUdPt5j2
RT @russian_market: Ooh la la. French bonds are falling on Le Pen's lead in polls https://t.co/Df4ahz8fzG
Are you a #Gastronomy #Fashion or #Perfume addict? An #image passionate? This summer 🌞, get a #FRENCHTOUCH at… https://t.co/DSLhTr3emX
Oxford University considering French campus amid r... https://t.co/qdwztvrssG
RT @avdyllin: english people: french is so classy and hot french people: tchoin tchoin tchoin
French elections - Marine Le Pen 'will not submit' to Angela Merkel and EU elite | World | News | Express https://t.co/iVvTGNmjWH
RT @rosewdc: #FOODIE The New Essentials of #French Cooking @nytimes From a simple omelet to stunning soufflés! #CookingFever… https://t.co/JJL9qFygJ6
RT @krapomusic: english people : french is so classy and hot french people : Raclette english people : so hot
charles the french is freaking hilarious !
Draw me like one of your french girls https://t.co/JlAhGUbwT2
.@GordonRamsay how does my oatmeal french toast look? https://t.co/QCUvAFJU4L
RT @oldpicsarchive: Charles Bukowski, drinking on the set of the French TV program Apostrophes https://t.co/iMD1Sf60c6 https://t.co/0mjKmd4oK8
RT @LadyCottonMonro: "Anal by The french doors" (uploading right now) https://t.co/4kVf0hnz2U @LuxusGirls @TulioPromoter @JPromotez… https://t.co/ZIz3aXeumV
#FN #LePen Le Pen Closing Gap in Second Round of French Presidential Poll https://t.co/Vn8zReqZQH
i really don't feel like studying french for 2 hours i'm going to kms
RT @littlebird: English people : French is so classy and hot French : https://t.co/5SD8tVxe9p
RT @TastyVids: Cheesy French Pull-Apart Bread https://t.co/Pc56t3hyui