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@PascaleIra, Thank you for reading! I'm sorry I can't write in French. I wish I could! (I hope your boss didn't kill you.)
❤❦ RARE Vintage D&E JULIANA French Limoges Rhinestone Brooch jewelry BOOK-PIECE https://t.co/VTv49UURHB https://t.co/9RftQOTq2K
French people telling me they love me on Martin's stream made my day BibleThump
French Writer - Part-time in Oakville, ON Canada https://t.co/IVS9039gIO #job
Cali 💕 - AMELIA SHEPERD - and greys anatomy/pp - travelling - parks and rec - french music bc of singer cali
RT @Thelnteresting: Strawberry Nutella French Toast Roll Ups 🍓🌯 https://t.co/QVez23Uss9
Breakfast: Omelet Bar,Scrambled Eggs,Sausage Links,Texas French Toast,Hash browned Potatoes
RT @PalinfoFr: Le membre arabe de la Knesset israélienne Hanin Zoabi participera à la nouvelle flottille des militantes... https://t.co/WzzQ4HSABZ
#heavy boobs girl getting fucked naked french students https://t.co/Is0jw4y2Tr
@PaulKagame French President recruiting terrorists in northern Mali . It is their sponsor . He recruits the Qatari fund
Thomas Blondeau wrote about the history of French hip-hop, and @ElenaGumeniuk illustrated it. https://t.co/lKBU9gsCJT
RT @SoloDmsily: I want @French_Sponsor to be my sponsor for Zayn Malik. Goal: 180 RTs No saved accs. Plz RT!!
RT @Tempo_Chanimal: fry me like one of your french fries https://t.co/80x7AY7A62
@French_Quintana 😂😂 let the ass whooping resume
RT @SaifAlHaj: @SimplyNadzz don't cry , go get french toast instead.
RT @Newsweek: 97 percent of French citizens feel 'terror threat' is high or very high https://t.co/kYI44khmPR https://t.co/PQWhMZeapv
@MzLaurenDior & I decided to try having a lesbian lovers dinner at a French restaurant. It went quite nicely ;-) lol https://t.co/FJFPy51BiJ
Hon hon hon french baguette. Question, pâté de camp... — Je sais pas, ça fait longtemps que j'ai magé de l'u... https://t.co/f6SwaUhaJP
RT @Thelnteresting: Strawberry Nutella French Toast Roll Ups 🍓🌯 https://t.co/QVez23Uss9