@good_boy_b ふぁ…😳早くみたい…欲しい…シエテがグランくゆに抱かれてるとこみたい…
New song and video by British R&B artist KARIIM called DIAMOND https://t.co/mkdrLzfjNp
@GarrettJOwen @BrandonBloom Glad to hear its going well. Most people don't have trouble using a conventional keyboa… https://t.co/GwSNOY8siL
RT @charliekirk11: In one day: Trump officially destroyed ISIS and liberated their last controlled city Recognized Golan Heights as… https://t.co/7fqjkiwOHS
@TheWayWithAnoa @AmirAminiMD Exactly! They've done nothing but stay away b/c of how it looks right now. They have no conviction.
Decktonic - Z-Saber feat. Jake Allison (Nic B Remix)
RT @rebel_1O: Des de que no hi ha llaçet al Palau de la Generalitat que me siento distinto. He dejado el CDR y busco un GDR, a ve… https://t.co/THlbMf4tlO
RT @Ballislife: Marvin Bagley III with his 3rd straight 20-PT game while playing less than 30 MINS off the bench! 22 PTS, 12 REB,… https://t.co/vGWOSIflwj
久々にアルファと遭遇、穴が気になる五人衆 つうかBモブどこじゃー! https://t.co/8FoVOqngou
I’m on the B.R.A.T. diet nobody talk to me for the rest of the week
RT @tanamongeau: damn u can rly do everything in the world for someone & it still not b enough.
【J-POP】ベスト10 【https://t.co/ffZ1DMdiEz限定】タイトル未定 (初回限定盤B)(CD+BD)(早期予約特典:ドームツアー最速先行予約受付応募シリアルコード※2019/03/25までのご予約対象)+(… https://t.co/31JhsuKXeX
RT @oxBeerxo: #เลือกชิลล์ก่อนเลือกตั้ง •• 🇰🇷 Chilling Korea Night on Sat.23/04/2019💥 ชวนเพื่อนสายเกามาชิลล์ด้วยกัน ที่ B’Chill Da… https://t.co/0v3b4E5Ytt
@Sarfuuuu_ asha bta tu to kon hai ye🌚
@artxfuck @_thaismontin Nao tenho lugar de fala pq não faço parte do lgbtq+, mas eu apoio mto a bandeira e sempre f… https://t.co/WBTp7kT3ZF
@Kota0813Soccer 爆笑爆笑 バックパック拾えない芸人だから助かる つか、野良Aさんがシグナル送ったやつを野良Bさんが欲しいって言ったやつを一回分捕った時にクソ殴られて笑った
Selma Uamusse, Gisela João, B Fachada e muitos outros juntos em concerto solidário com Moçambique: Vários artistas… https://t.co/mxKCuO5cEK
RT @PouloCruelo: In case, you needed more reasons to watch MARD KO DARD NAHI HOTA, Radhika Madan in suits is a sexuality: https://t.co/AorSiP7wUK