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We are getting all set up for Birkie Sunday! So happy to be a part of @silverskate this year! #yeg #yegskihttps://t.co/Na946STpw6
Recruiting: Data Analytics Specialist for a long-term contract in #YEG Deadline Feb 21 Full job description:… https://t.co/CPo9kIRUNb
Temperature: -19°C Humidity: 76% Windchill: -28°C. Light Snow. Wind: 16 kph #yeg #abwx #weather 10:00AM
RT @JanisIrwin: Some thoughts on @jkenney's vow to end Alberta's curriculum development work: https://t.co/49gHqccMPz #ableg #abed… https://t.co/d0HwYhnR3G
RT @ctvedmonton: Traffic delayed for collision cleanup on Highway 28A: https://t.co/rDJ9M5sIxU #yeg
Do we have too much emotion and not enough motion? Want more motion: DM me for #LeadershipDevelopment and… https://t.co/jfprd7kj1k
RT @anniegirl1138: The convoy is only going to Ottawa to cause a traffic jam. That's all they managed to do in #yeg, and it's all they… https://t.co/MiyvunnLYe
C’mon #YEG, we can do this. It took just over a day and a half to get enough sponsers for us to field a team.… https://t.co/T7f2GKGcHZ
RT @canadianbirkie: @silverskatefest: @canadianbirkie is on site setting up for #BirkieSunday at Silver Skate. @yeg_parks is busy groo… https://t.co/Mpu7jMYxPO
A quick reminder that our hours will be different tomorrow! Have a great long weekend! 😀 😊 😉 . . . #Nordenhttps://t.co/0eUknxcHcj
This story by @paigeeparsons is amusing. Just three Edmontonians have been ticketed for smoking pot in public since… https://t.co/IFiKqGTTe8
RT @BissellCentre: “The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.” ― Henry Boye #yeg #inspiration
RT @630CHED: The Edmonton Police Service is looking for Johnathan Gabriel Graham, 26, also known as “Gabe” after a 22-year-old w… https://t.co/xwATbY0AAT
RT @themeadowsyeg: Here are some great places for free Family Day fun!! https://t.co/DXdmN7qJTn @RoyalAlberta @EPLdotCA #yeg #FamilyDay #longweekend
what does it say about @jkenney when his most ardent supporters openly mock workplace safety regulations? will… https://t.co/6JxyNfrgKE
Check out NEBA's upcoming events or sign up for our newsletter at https://t.co/jhi7Xj1HgP #yeg #yegbiz
RT @Seymour_from_GP: To the Edmonton radio station that just cut off Guns N Roses' November Rain before Slash's big guitar solo: If yo… https://t.co/MS7vW0MgzN
Please note that all EPS front counters will be closed on Monday, Feb. 18. They will resume normal operating hours… https://t.co/ZqUDYDP38P
Hello #YEG. If you're a small business looking to get online I am currently offering great packages for Websites &… https://t.co/dZE54DmOJZ
09:50 Temp. -18.2°C, Hum. 81%, Dewp. -21.6°C, Bar. 1032.6 hpa, Rain Today 0 mm, Wind 30° 2.2 km/h #yegweather #edmonton #yeg
It's Sunday at February 17, 2019 at 10:00AM! Looking for worship & hospitality? Join us in 30 minutes. God Welcomes… https://t.co/658VbiXeNb
Good morning #yeg. We are sitting at -18C under a cloudy sky and a 8km/h NW wind making it feel like -24 here in Summerside #yegwx