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😳 if I immigrated to Twitter from Facebook and into sjw Twitter from poetry Twitter does that make me a triple colonizer #whitethoughts
There's the jewish position and there's hate.* *This trick only works if you control the mass media. #whitethoughts
If Henry Ford called the jew the "foremost" problem in the world 100 years ago, how would he describe them today? #whitethoughts
You can get down on your knees before Caitlyn Jesus. Or you can be a white man. Your call. #whitethoughts
"The U.S. government is not so well organized as American Jewry;... it is the same in every country." --Henry Ford #whitethoughts
The bible is OPL: other peoples' lies. It has nothing to do with whites. Utterly foreign, poisonous and stupid. #whitethoughts
You can be a white man. Or a christian. Not both. #whitethoughts
@A_Linder_5 #whitethoughts So fucking true! Remember when Rockwell said 60+ years ago, no white stands up & says: I am a White man!!