Tweets about a recent trend: #whiletwitterwasdown

#WhileTwitterWasDown I got a text from @nytimes that twitter was down.
#WhileTwitterWasDown I tweeted the unified art theory, and now it's gone forever!
#whileTwitterWasDown i had a lecture from my ex saying that me telling what she did to me is petty...🤔
Almost thought I'd never see another Harambe meme or a "Warriors blew a 3-1 lead" reference again. #whileTwitterwasdown
#WhileTwitterWasDown I had to resort to porn more than usual and now the whole top layer of my penis skin is gone. Thanks a lot, hackers.
#whiletwitterwasdown I literally accomplished all my life goals.
#whiletwitterwasdown I read this old timey "paper" with all the news stories from yesterday. I guess some crazy guy prints them everyday...
RT @jenkwok: #WhileTwitterWasDown I used my label maker to type 140 character messages and threw them at people around my neighborhood.
#WhileTwitterWasDown My textin' skills became dumb lit lol
#WhileTwitterWasDown I got dolled up before work & went looking for rental assistance. https://t.co/5D0G3EqVSr
#WhileTwitterWasDown I went and unsubscribed to all the msgs in my spam folder instead of just deleting... progress!
#WhileTwitterWasDown i thought of something worthwhile to tweet, but i forgot it :(
#WhileTwitterWasDown everybody was lost in the sauce lol
#WhileTwitterWasDown I was looking for ways I could tweet about twitter being down.