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RT @bastilledan: So where can I hear "The Descent" then?
So... can I have the time that I wasted on you back?
@JenniferGrey can I have this dance with you tango
@sissyboi1128 oh yesssssss can i suck?
RT @MaywardEnbers: Can I repost it? pero nangyari na haha I kennat eh w/ music bq na para mas enjoy MAYWARD InCamiguINwithLOVE https://t.co/0DvGUSthpH
RT @pevcebestill: how long can I survive with this mentality?
@AlexAllTimeLow can I own sick little games?
Killua is not here. Can i help you? #twittbot
He can I have no problem but I'll rather us go 50/50 so I can have something to do 💯 https://t.co/FSUlDJKkeL
RT @tupacsonn: luis HIGHKEY dat bitch got the 7, traveled to different countries, own family restaurant i mean damn can i have yo life ??
When I miss playing basketball,I'll go in court and play with my friends but not my team😞 Can I play again with them.
Can I spend the night at your face?
Hi @WWENXT can I say she is a wrestler @Kimber_Lee90 ...
RT @Truthbytony: Me When Beyoncé asked "can I do something special for y'all" at the formation tour https://t.co/ShBqISwtLR
RT @hardingdanss: Can I just be a millionaire already???
RT @wayne_kyle26: Can I think that they're training for anti-gravity scenes for a sci-fi KathNiel movie? *peace* https://t.co/B7PTRaNiHW
Hello John, I just wanna tell you that you're doing a great job. (I'm a french fan) How can I meet you please? :D
"Omg I love your curls, can I touch your hair?!" https://t.co/GEv64yMfxj
where can I find the full version of this song help https://t.co/l9iNz7IJZs
How can I create and make my own money if I keep Running and clocking in to make someone else money
How can i create my own topic on quiz up ? 😞 #help #topics
@Celestia_Royal can i be part of ur family list pls😊
RT @SexualGif: "Can I call you I miss your voice and hearing you laugh" "I miss you FaceTime me" >>>>