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Can I shoot my shot? — na, don’t shoot it https://t.co/GnEwf9PnP9
RT @_hudahassan: and for the love of god, can i see/read/hear Somali cultural production that doesn't always centre our identities a… https://t.co/SIoBwBy2xD
Can I take a dive in yo ocean
RT @CupcakKe_rapper: Can I say I might drop the video tomorrow 🤔 https://t.co/tiJ8eBGVYt
Me: Hey mom, can I...?" Mom: "No..." Me: "But mom please...?" Mom: "No..." Me: "Hey dad..."
RT @assassinatekeen: #japan a sleeping giant paying it #foward ... can I have day break now?
@Husky_pups1 @dra_oraa Good that ur group will understand. I really pity her bec she's been receiving so much hate… https://t.co/TjrENe6i1K
How much more can i take?
RT @Iammoegates: Yo bossman can i get 1pc ostrich leg and chips pls https://t.co/mhbrunxV87
Can I not start work today?
To extract text, I use tika for pdf files. However, for scanned PDFs it cannot work. I have learned that I must set… https://t.co/EojBTQSADr
@BoycottUtah Great meme! Can I use it too?
RT @ZakBenghazi: Short story about mothers: after a few months in hospital my mother flew out to visit me. On the day she arrived th… https://t.co/TORHzqDjnp
RT @_sariyaah: Can I just stay in bed and sleep for 3 days? I’m so tired 😭😭
RT @donche_o: Tobi: cecee can I go to bed now, no need for this talk. Cecee: please relax let's talk. Tobi : I am going. Cecee:… https://t.co/oQQIDkbIj7
#japan a sleeping giant paying it #foward ... can I have day break now?
RT @aiichertou: Please can i get 100 RTs for @neeesaboo to unblock me.
I had too much coffee tonight 🤦🏻‍♀️ can I sleep already?
ann coulter naked how can i last longer having sex https://t.co/HVhzsDGac2
RT @faddelg7: Student: Can I go to the bathroom? Teacher: *reaching for gun* : I don’t know, CAN you? https://t.co/xow7HKfy1K
@driftcakes slams down a 20 can i kiss them both tho