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@EShibase @BigWordKomphela Where can I see the goal please Sir
Where can i make a loan to buy concert ticket?
RT @yllwparachute: รู้กกกก ฮือ บอกน้องว่า i love you so much ละน้องขอบคุณ แล้วก็บอกน้องว่า can i get a hug น้องก็กอดง่ายมาก ㅠ ㅠ พี่รัก… https://t.co/Cee9kwhYZk
RT @sugaforkookie: Can "i-liked-your-reply-but-didnt-reply-back-bc-i-dont-know-how-to-respond-so-pls-dont-think-I'm-ignoring-you be an unspoken rule on twt
@out_tear @nat_bisous Can I have that too! 🤩🤩
RT @javeigh: youngest sibling: can i play? older sibling: yea, once i lose older sibling 📍 📏… https://t.co/HK4flr79pT
RT @PrincessFrance: BTW, can I just commend @donnypangilinan on his last IG post? He was smart and sincere. Mahirap pagsabayin yun. The… https://t.co/x8lnirFy4x
Lecturer : Can I get your permission to dismiss early today? Class: CANNNNNN!!!! till the Martians can hear it. A… https://t.co/3wUUyKgpGm
@TeneleZ @thobie4me Sis where can I purchase your stuff
RT @konohadump: CAN I PLEASE EAT HIS ASS CAN I PLEASE EAT HIS ASS https://t.co/90vXdszKc9
#WhatOddsPaddy hi, what price can i get for man United not to win against juventus this week
RT @NaijaClassCapt: first off, I shall not die but live to declare the word of the Lord. Can I get a witnessssssssssss https://t.co/TGERTBAtch
RT @paulywastaken: Can I make esse and can you make it last forever?
I cant be the only one who used to pronounce Yasmin Mogahed as Yasmin Moga-head, can I?!?!
RT @xxlfunny1: "Where can I find aww in the tow huge lol" https://t.co/eNirUdzZit
After a good few hours into #WarriorsOrochi4, I think it's safe to say... ...better than DW9. 👍 What I think of W… https://t.co/uSARmT1sCG
RT @MichaelAvenatti: Thank you @jason_blum. We have finally arrived! Where can I get one of those buttons? Great movie btw - you guys cr… https://t.co/PGUv4xgpoT
RT @JoaninhaHD: BangChan, one of you role models is Cristiano Ronaldo and I'm from Portugal 🇵🇹 👀 (can I be noticed by you now??) #StrayKidsComeback
@derpixeldan @tweetbot Wait. Are these themes? Where can I enable them? I only have the light and dark mode.
RT @Urch_Baba: I was sitting close to a pretty lady in a cab,she said please can I use your browser..I replied sure you can. *She… https://t.co/woioPaXWK6
RT @Ohloowatoscene: Ladies, before it’s too late, kindly ask yourself this question; Aside sex what else can I offer my man? if you h… https://t.co/Oozdj7fSoO
RT @dnedryn: can i restart my life again?
huHuhu where can i buy pringles
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