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RT @dailydosedeen: The Prophet ﷺ said: “Help your brother whether he's an oppressor or is oppressed.” A man inquired: “O Allah's Mess… https://t.co/Fsj3GEuiBT
@GooseworxMusic Ooh, if its okay, can I recommend the Super Paper Mario soundtrack? It's got some of my favorite mu… https://t.co/XdeHUpzzgu
@LeTiny_ @ehiyeside How can I unread this? 😭😭
RT @tomhollandx: ‘hey i’m tired can i use you as a pillow?’ HOW SOFT https://t.co/TKaExEboXU
RT @maynsabb: babe can i sing 'you and i' again? cause you're way too fine that night
Can I get a connection?🎶
RT @MXbpc: Please im a fool, the biggest fool, a fool smiling at her phone with a dumb smile pls can I stop being a fool for M… https://t.co/kdHCvYKux0
"The graph of an isovolumetric process can easily be confused with the graph of an isobaric process. So pay particu… https://t.co/WIZfxej6kR
RT @tearysub: ⠀ 💕💖✨   💕 💖 ✨ ✨   💕 ✨   ⠀ 💕 💕 can i get 💖  ✨ babied ✨   💖… https://t.co/tBM5lvMdLP
RT @mehreenzahra: Hi, can I have a contact for this deputy director? Would like to verify this. Have called up a few people at the pr… https://t.co/7BwiHuOIDn
RT @blueeeee0221: Wendy asked for the fan's name and she was like I picked your number so it's fate, can I call you fate? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
RT @LAY_zhang_: #10 Never take your opportunities for granted. Strive to achieve your dreams and goals while you can. I’m trying to… https://t.co/YPf3XajJTR
@Cjnovo992 where can i watch the game
can i just wear a snapchat filter around everywhere pls and thanks https://t.co/9sHK7VLDXE
RT @demonetizeddjh: me: sis can i get the tea barista: black? me: no barista: chai? me: no barista: people need to stop comparing… https://t.co/dL9fc7lDj5
RT @ljemmmm: I’m either clingy and all about you or do not give a single fuck, it’s drive me mad why can I not be a rational human being?
can I borrow someone's Netflix account
RT @claremackint0sh: How can I track down this woman, spotted reading I LET YOU GO at yesterday’s test match? I’d love to give her my ot… https://t.co/QI2dBhgh8v
RT @ma_risee: Can I be Shen Yue like just 5 mins?? lahat nalang ng leading man nya sa drama mga papi ba't ang unfair ng mundo saken
RT @deeperfeeIs: Can I hug you? Like, forever?