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@cryptional Can i please have some v bucks i really want nog ops or battle pass
what book can I bury myself in?
RT @kthlisaa: joon:can i get a BLACKPINK album? CAN I PLEASE GET A BLACKPINK ALBUM https://t.co/e5upCgSxf8
RT @EstradaNoely: who’s son can i buy this for https://t.co/iDjqn1X8fa
50.When Can I See You Again 51.ヨーホー 52.ポルトパラディーゾウォーターカーニバル 53.エレクトリカルパレード 54.レジェンド・オブ・ミシカ 55.お母様はあなたの見方 56.Sing Sin… https://t.co/xLtUpsDkc2
@uruhiko_kpop I want this 😭😭😭😭 Need this!! How can I get it? 😭😭
Sneaking my phone to read this AU. Awwwww.. can I confess in her place instead?? https://t.co/8WlZ60SE7X
Can i start 2019 with u ?
Where can I buy a nice phone case that doesnt make my phone super bulky that doesnt cost one bajillion pesos like e… https://t.co/Cvsy2grHPH
RT @CSAmewusika: Years ago, when I was much younger, a man who didn’t regularly give head attempted to do so with me in the understa… https://t.co/aAW9xBZnsk
RT @Toks_96: Work is turning me mad, how can I leave my house and drive towards work instead of church.
@dmcelroy Can I read this when you are done please
RT @zhengsquared: 🐷: Wenjun give me an apron 🦈: Yours is long or short? 🐷: Long. Gimme 🐷: Help me wear, how can I do it now 🦈: Do I l… https://t.co/sI0xCxUW7Q
RT @MaveDeltzerNSW: Inside News: The reason behind MD Jason has stepped down as @NSW_FED NXT GM because he will be pursuing a run as pr… https://t.co/mzHdMo63Up
@bharathsaphr47 Can I now tell you blindly supporting valaipech team? I have seen lot of gossip spoken e.g. vikram… https://t.co/tBckFXFbQN
RT @kensamic: me: "i should stay away from negative people" but how can i stay away from myself???
@loonalgbts can i have the link please 👉👈