Tweets about a recent trend: #Whatsthebigdeal

@dermonolan91 @SkySportlNews hopefully the 'news' is greeted with puzzled silence #whatsthebigdeal
@AndrewVossy Ever since Jesus was a boy... If you run behind your own player and take advantage it is a Shepard! #whatsthebigdeal?
I don't stand for the anthem either. Go ahead and Kaep me. #ColinKaepernick #WhatsTheBigDeal?
What am I missing? Why is Burkini a problem? If a woman had sensitivity to the sun it would be fine; if she is modest fine! #WhatsTheBigDeal
What if I said I don't care about frank oceans new album #whatsthebigdeal
@CP24 no one likes airline food anyways #whatsthebigdeal
It's kinda awkward hearing all this fuss about finals when you're homeschooled. All I did today is a jigsaw puzzle. #whatsthebigdeal?
I may be the only human on this planet who is not Star Wars crazed... #whatsthebigdeal
My local cinema has 10 screenings of #starwars at 12:01am tonight. #whatsthebigdeal
Confession: I have no idea about all the fuss about Star Wars... #whatsthebigdeal
*whisper it* I've never seen Star Wars. Never. Not one of 'em. There's more than one, right? #whatsthebigdeal?
Having sex doesn't make you a slut , but being virgin doesn't make u a saint!!! #whatsthebigdeal
The X-factor really has gone down hill the past few years #whatsthebigdeal #overrated
Why don't people answer a withheld/unknown number & then get their knickers in a twist about it #whatsthebigdeal