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@rustyrockets It's amazing how much we as human ingenuity beings do this. I can think of so many times I do this in… https://t.co/x2O8CHDAfm
@charliekirk11 @realDonaldTrump was being fair if he called us a sh*thole. We are worse than that in so many respec… https://t.co/Ja5jCl2hxy
@meesterbart Mijn leraar Geschiedenis die na twee keer zittenblijven aan mij de vraag stelde: wat wil jij met je le… https://t.co/CwElsRN35c
@TieraMusic I’m in love 😍 with this beautiful song!!!! #WAKEUPCALL... Congratulations to many more beautiful songs!!!
LISTEN LIVE to my 1-ON-1 w/ Joey Tavernese(@bigravtav) of the @CuseKnights coming up TUES, JAN 16, at 9amET during… https://t.co/GUnAIwpUkf
@hilaryfaye lmao. I really thought to myself. Is this really the end. Is this how my legacy will go down. Lmao. The… https://t.co/gs4OZ39hP8
Every now & then we all need a #wakeupcall to kick start us back into #motion. It sll depends how, where & when… https://t.co/e4MkLAC1xQ
#NowPlaying Jennifer Hudson - And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going (Jennifer Holiday Cover) #WakeUpCallhttps://t.co/audOIytfA7
#NowPlaying Luther Vandross & Busta Rhymes - Lovely Day (Bill Withers Cover) #WakeUpCallhttps://t.co/waq0Wf6kzZ
@ClassicFM973 gd mng Law. It's a gonna be a lovely day. Wake up call to my hubby Femi. Pls play - And I'm telling y… https://t.co/xn3zmWGwek
LISTEN LIVE to my 1-ON-1 w/ Ben Ramin of the @CuseKnights coming up TUES, JAN 16, at 9:15amET during #WakeUpCall HE… https://t.co/pNemYW47wW