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RT @Colts: Thank you to all who have served and continue to serve our country. #VeteransDay #SaluteToService https://t.co/VH4RPFd1r2
Identify your goals, not on the small things that matter while keeping the Trump University has a beautiful golf co… https://t.co/L0VKUbO4aX
RT @VOASonnySports: During Friday's show, @apal talked #VeteransDay, @DavidtheAdmiral, @POTUS, @KingJames and more! Go to 18:32 mark. https://t.co/VM3yIGQPFU
RT @velvetrose15: In my part of CA, we do not dishonor the flag, we fly it on every street and most houses! #VeteransDay #Trump https://t.co/Wv1CSuMOZA
RT @KellieResists: This #VeteransDay let's do more than honor those that have served. I'd like to take this time to bring awareness to… https://t.co/gkxL7xnDbD
RT @MittRomney: Let us today honor the sacrifice and service of our heroic men and women in arms. #VeteransDay
RT @JohnCena: Forever grateful for all who have served and sacrificed in the name of inalienable rights. #VeteransDay
RT @CMTcody: #VeteransDay is tomorrow. Honor the men and women of our military tonight on @CMT @aftermidnite.… https://t.co/780HzkHz86
RT @JannaWilkinso69: ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸 Every day is #VeteransDay in our home 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️ From the BOTTOM of my HEART ❤️God bless and THANK YOU to E… https://t.co/P0Wm9yzsoo
RT @LinkedIn: This #VeteransDay, let's not only honor veterans for their past, but for all they’ve yet to achieve… https://t.co/HPYPsRLEdk
RT @Tom_E_Angel: I’ll say it like this. We should celebrate #veteransday and #ValentinesDay everyday and not just once a year. #LoveIsLoveEveryDay
The best way to thank a veteran is to vote. Let’s make Veteran’s Day our national Election Day going forward. A hol… https://t.co/pa9pZUzaVi
4 Free Entrance Days in the National Parks in 2018 Mark your calendar: January 15: #MartinLutherKingJrDay, April 2… https://t.co/PZpewwYO8w
Thanks for following me on Twitter. Check out my record on SoundCloud #VeteransDay https://t.co/Ij8e4XuAE5https://t.co/8IX4sw0vyh
RT @OfficialJackson: Today and Everyday we honor all those who served #VeteransDay https://t.co/RCNxhErvKy