Tweets about a recent trend: #UnsolvedMysteries

Nigga I'm missing entire white tees #unsolvedmysteries https://t.co/aWZhBPxCJ1
@Unsolved Still waiting for the #UnsolvedMysteries reboot. Not sure who could host, but as long as the music is still there, all good.
Seriously.. This guy ALONE made the show scary! #unsolvedmysteries https://t.co/pKviaiUW17
I still don't understand how pubic hairs end up on a toilet seat in the ladies bathroom. Happy lunch hour, ppl! #UnsolvedMysteries #EyeVomit
Still can't understand why people choose to use the treadmill next to you when there's an ENTIRE EMPTY ROW #unsolvedmysteries
She was a nurse at the hospital - who would take that woman away from us? #Unsolvedmysteries https://t.co/J2EV1GL3gQ
@Super70sSports I remember that card and wondering why they airbrushed his helmet to silver. #unsolvedmysteries
Why do straight men love hanging out with other straight men shirtless but when a Gay shows up they all gotta cover up? #UnsolvedMysteries
As if I needed another reason not to show up to work....@Unsolved comes on TV at 8AM. #UnsolvedMysteries #MaybeYouCanHelpSolveAMystery
shy sun are you shy? ;o question we will never know. #UnsolvedMysteries @FMB98_RBLX
Trying to solve the @olivegarden mystery of why it takes a 10 min wait to be seated when the place is empty #unsolvedmysteries #hmm
Our goal is to work together to solve #mysteries. It's like we are detectives, but working as a #team. #goals #teamwork #unsolvedmysteries
I think @lifetimetv needs to start producing @Unsolved mysteries again. It has help solve many cases & has a real value. #unsolvedmysteries
I'm not sure how Who Let the Dogs Out/ The Baha Men ever existed but I for one am okay with such mysteries. #UnsolvedMysteries
RT @prettytykillem: Did Drake turn the kiss into a hug? Or did Rihanna? #UnsolvedMysteries
Did Drake turn the kiss into a hug? Or did Rihanna? #UnsolvedMysteries