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In the spirit of recent news and things to come. #underoath https://t.co/QeVRYFAFdr
UNDEROATH are teasing something. Possible new album release coming this April - the band's social media channels ha… https://t.co/FQBGB91v1s
Hey @pitchfork are you planning on covering the big #Underoath news that’s going on? People interested, past and pr… https://t.co/iGv0VO73qb
Someone already put the mysterious @UnderoathBand CD on @discogs 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/oJmMrUfTpx #CLmusic #tampamusichttps://t.co/g1N6s58TSb
If #Underoath is releasing a new album, I’m going to die. https://t.co/PtczbXGtmS
something about new #UnderOath tomorrow? idk tho. #eraseme
@VP @POTUS Pence, you Sir are Trump's Gerald R. Ford who will take his place after Robert Mueller is done with what… https://t.co/NNQYO77B1A
@CatoInstitute Don't tell Trump money can't save you.Without money, Trump would be sad nobody like me. Money got hi… https://t.co/JuZ7W7DE4j
Posted today by @UnderoathBand... If your noses are clear you should be able to smell a new record coming.… https://t.co/57hlKw43gc
“Oh, my God I hate the me that I've become, This needy useless forgetting one” Ø #underoathhttps://t.co/ldHtMmkWR7
New Underoath tomorrow. Like what?! High school me has a hard on. #underoath