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Ugh. This was such a rough episode. A guy put in his 2wks notice, company lured him back, then fired him. Ugh. #UndercoverBoss
I'm really watching #undercoverboss right now. Very interesting.
I think I watch @undercover_cbs just to have a good cry #UndercoverBoss
#undercoverboss The skyzone CEO kind of looks like an older Nathan for You, haha. Very generous to his employees.
I tweeted this so many times but I just love #undercoverboss
#Undercoverboss shows the world that only rich people can make dreams come true. That's why it's important to give rich people tax breaks.
Stream #UndercoverBoss on demand – now commercial free – on CBS All Access. Learn more: https://t.co/w1ry8BxjpM https://t.co/cuiW79LPAF
Que fome #undercoverBoss británico que dan en @foxlife_la Era mejor la versión norteamericana :/ Next, cambiando de canal.
These bosses on #undercoverboss aren't overly generous to be fair
RT @LaneyaGrace: It's Matt. Tell me you know where this is from 😂😂😂 #HVFF @heroesfanfest #undercoverboss https://t.co/WmUSjI7Rdz
Is there a more condescending, class-system reinforcing TV show than #undercoverboss? Under the pretence of humble generosity.
Was the "disguise budget" in #UndercoverBoss systematically decreased each episode? https://t.co/pyheDlNb2U
@MrDTJames I'm watching #UndercoverBoss to be inspired & cry rather than be outraged #WakeUpCall
Why don't I ever get an #UndercoverBoss moment?
Undercover Boss just rewarded at server with "boobies" She's ecstatic! #GoodLord ##undercoverboss
Then he offered to buy another girl breast implants because it was her passion. #UndercoverBoss
This dude fired a girl on national tv because working at a "breastaurant" wasn't her passion. #UndercoverBoss
Why are the wigs on #UndercoverBoss always terrible?