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RT @phillybosslady: A girl in HS stuck a strawberry in her vagina. It got lost and she had to go to the ER to have it removed. #truestory
@FloTASSY On a pas tous un coach à 140kg au squatt #truestory
As long as I keep putting positivity into my universe, it's been coming back to me full force !! #TrueStory
@skatingpj @KurtBrowning If I feel down I watch videos of Kurt skating to cheer me up #truestory #brickhouse #antares #singingintherain
A fox wrote a story in 1's and 0's and signed it at the end. - Binary #TrueStory
He: Can you meet me? She: Mero exam chha :( #TrueStory
The person you date can help you fulfill your destiny or crush your dreams #marriage #truestoryhttps://t.co/q0c50kItH9
RT @YOUniqueDoc: What if I don't read my name in those eyes What if I fall in Love again looking into those Eyes #TrueStory https://t.co/n8VxlvC6Sd
God's plan is bigger than your mistakes! #TrueStory
- "Tem filme novo no cinema." -"Qual?" -"Xis Xis Xis Reativado." -"Ah, aquele tb conhecido como Triplo X" -"É!"… https://t.co/xslBSbw7MY
Make no mistake I want your beast set free Ravish me 💯% #truestory https://t.co/gYGDHTkJGq
When I'm online shopping I have to remind myself "the body is not included" 👀 😂😂😂 #truestory #shoppingproblem