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#tilatequila a drug test doesn't screen for mental illnesses you fucking moron 😂
Sources say, “celebrities” who think their hired “security” can save them in a real situation. May want to talk to… https://t.co/ILbOJPvMPc
When will we get the next #bisexual dating show ?!? I loved a shot at love with #TilaTequila . @MTV Was only networ… https://t.co/LKZ4ZMfcdy
And i see tuna lost weight on her good ol' fashioned ciggarettes and meth diet *golf clap* #tilatequila
How come the media failed to pick up on that tila tequila is completely gone crazy.. shes nuts! She needs meds and… https://t.co/NuHd6lgUFH
It's not time travel if you're 43 and not actually 18. #tilatequila maybe your previous kids you lost reincarnated… https://t.co/3ozyOswluy
Remember when #tilatequila when through the phase of keeping up with wordly events and natural disasters. Even "pre… https://t.co/Wqxr0igPe2
Knowing now what we know about #TilaTequila, it's hard to imagine that her 2007 single 'I Love You' wasn't about Hi… https://t.co/mEpREh8VqL
Not that hard to make fake purchase for show #tilatequila 😂 https://t.co/gYyloLGIRK
Finished @VH1 #rockoflove3 with last night for the millionth time. It so bad it’s good! But damn where’s the #shotatlove with #tilatequila?
LOL, when you're casually daily scrolling through your @YouTube subscriptions & suddenly come across #TilaTequila's… https://t.co/9HduW3zhlo
@SheriffGauncent @deb_dodson I thought #tilatequila was the baddest bitch on the block? I wonder why she would block anyone.
Can someone tell #TilaTequila I want a show 👌🏼. Thank you