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RT @kashykeegan: Kashy Keegan – This Is My Dream ringtone https://t.co/g8v4lSZ8Qr via @audiko #ThisIsMyDream
Listening to Disney on pandora while working on my Disney assignment for intro to hospitality #thisismydream
For him to notice me, I'd feel like I have a chance at this industry #ThisIsMyDream @SB_Projects @scooterbraun https://t.co/T5Egx3pUL7
I currently have all my dogs laying on top of me. Either they know I'm sick or they're just cuddly today #thisismydream #allthepuppies
But really @JKCorden you need to do a High School Musical Carpool for @latelateshow #iwoulddie #thisismydream
My dream is to go to #lebanon and to be invited by @NancyAjram and @HachemFadi to their home ,and to play with Mila and Ella #thisismydream!